Brexit - The Final

Absolutely I remain confident thay have plan, but it's like a boxer swinging wildly, without being in danger of being hit back, eventually they'll get lucky & lance a decisive blow.

If I'm wrong & PMBJ, JRM & the dark lord are winging it, we really are fcuked as a democracy.

I retire at the end of the year, if Steptoe gets in I will seriously be looking at my options re emigrating..
The best joke I've seen are Jews joking on Twitter, that the only credible leave option if Steptoe gets in is to leave the country before the trains get rolling again
Yes, the most frightening thing for me about the rise of Hitler was not that he was an evil demagogue (he was), but that it started in what was actually a functioning (if immature) democracy....
Steady on, old boy. You cannot compare a man determined to fight to the last breath for his principals - no matter how misguided and offensive we might personally find them - with Jeremy Corbyn! ;)
Whatever happens in court is one thing, for a person in the public eye to suggest "citizens arrests" on the Prime Minister is stupid and irresponsible.

It makes the genuine work of protection teams more difficult, as it is opening the gates for buffoonery and stunts.
What you say if undisputedly correct, both legally and morally.

On the other hand, I've just bought an extra large bag of popcorn so... :)
Regarding the porridge gnoshers 'court ruling' (which it isn't) - The judges have given a ruling based on their personal opinion and ideological leaning, there is no law involved in it. Not only has the Court decided it knows what the Prime Minister was thinking, it also assumes the Queen, being in their opinion particularly stupid, had no idea what her Prime Minister was doing.
Yet we have Labour and the SNP citing it and demanding that parliament returns and some drunk called Len McCluskey calling for the 'citizens arrest' of Boris.
And then Boris's CP team riddle Mccluskey. Result.
No more than Remainer claims that Johnson's a dictator. It's politics and people are animated and prone to hyperbole. If either side in this believes that all their adherents are balanced and moderate, they are sadly delusional. I don't agree with you but neither do I think that your a traitorous moron.

I don’t think Johnson is a dictator. I think he has boxed himself into a corner, but perhaps I’m wrong there. It’s also a shame that we probably won’t really get to see what he is really like because of Brexit dominating everything. And although he wouldn’t be my first choice for PM I think that’s a shame, because I think he’s quiet a liberal Tory really.

And I agree neither side has the monopoly on idiots. When I walked past the remain rally on Saturday I overheard a speaker open up with a story that’s he just had to pay £1500 for a car repair because someone’s tried to steal his exhaust pipe, and like those thieves, Boris Johnson deserves to be in jail. I mean, talk about show how out of touch you are - this was said in a town centre with extreme poverty where parents can not afford to buy school uniforms for their kids, and he’s complaining about repairing his likely very expensive car using what is probably for many here, two months wages.
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There's a lot of it about:

I don't understand why you keep posting stuff which is already in the public domain? Do you think people regard you as being someone in the know?
If so, I've got news for you.
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