Brexit - The Final

I totally agree with your thoughts on future UK politics. It will take strong leadership to cut away from that and I don't see anyone in that mould.

The EU will of course be delighted for the UK to be weakened by internal politics as it will make us easier to compete against.
Talking of strong leadership, I suspect (happy to be wrong) that May will resign shortly after the WA goes through (she is personally exhausted and has "delivered" BREXIT, her sworn oath), possibly on 22 May. The Tories will then have to elect a new leader.

This is a conundrum for them, since the remainer majority will not want to elect a Brexiteer, but the driving imperative will be to elect whoever has the best chance of winning the General election that surely follows. This, allied to the fact that a hard BREXIT would have been to all intents and purposes prevented, inclines towards Boris Johnson.

This will also suit Boris, as he is not tied to deliver anything specific in a set time-frame and can haul and veer with the wind as he sees it. Like others, I don't think he is a conviction Brexiteer, but it has been a great populist flag to draw attention to him.

Do you want to see Corbyn and McDonnell turn us into the European equivalent of Venezuelan?

It's taken the Tories nearly fifteen years to sort out the debt inherited from Brown/Blair. That debt would look like pocket change compared to the debt a Corbyn led administration would run up.

I respect your views, but think for your prediction to come true, it would require a Corbyn majority in excess of 100+ to offset his own internal party troubles.


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So it's ok for a whole load of remoaners to go for a wander in London, but if the people that actually won a democratic vote and have had their mandate totally ignored decide to have a march because their democratic right has basically been chinned off, they are equated to racists?
Interesting outlook.
He's a plastic Boggy, did you expect any less?

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