Brexit - The Final

If there is a hard border, the facilities will be on the ROI side and imposed by the EU. I look forward to the IRA attacking ROI infrastructure.
Oh so do I, I do look forward to seeing what the ROI would do to it's arguable progenitors- wonder if they would be giving letters of comfort, or will they whisked away by the Brussels Inquisitors-sorry Interlocutors- hic.
FANTASTIC!!! the truth emerges - new Green Party MEP feels he's ben duped after only 2 weeks in Brussels

EU backlash: New Green MEP says he's been 'duped' and 'stepped into maze of bureaucracy'

Writing for the Politico website, he said: “Next to nobody in Brussels has any clue what the European Union truly stands for — beyond a flag and an anthem — and more crucially, where it is heading. And that includes the EU leaders and senior officials soullessly waddling through the corridors of power.

“When I arrived in the EU capital, I expected to find it brimming with activity and potential answers to these questions.

“Instead, I felt duped: Making a tangible impact on constituents’ lives is apparently not what being an MEP is all about.

“When I look at my daily to-do list, I feel as though I’ve left the shores of the real life and stepped into a maze of bureaucracy, needless technicalities and political performance.”

He suggested instead that "MEPs live in a bubble" where "we celebrate politicians who bailed out bankers, blamed migrants and imposed crippling levels of austerity".
A Brexit MEP mentioned the same thing a while back on Jeremy Vine's show on Radio 2 while discussing the Brexit party turning their backs on the Anthem.
She had tweeted that there was nothing to the new MEP's to do.
The Snowflake remainer brought in to try and argue with her took this as proof the Brexit Party where nothing more than workshy ner do wells who were simply there to take the money and do nothing for the UK.
The Brexit Party female politely pointed out that no committee's or sub committee's had been formed to discuss any current or future policies and legislation.
The offices were empty and the computers, photocopiers and everything else where all in store rooms waiting to be dished out.
They clocked in at 10:00 and where gone by 11:30 with a full days wage and expenses


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Aw isn’t he sweet.............The halfwit.

“On the morning of 1st November, the sun will rise on a free country and I intend to stay up to see it happen” Mark Francois


The sun will rise on a free probably will, just not where he happens to be.
Aw isn’t he sweet.............The halfwit.

“On the morning of 30th March, 13th April 20th June, 1st November or 1st Jan 2020 or some time in the next decade, the sun will rise on a free country and I intend to stay up to see it happen” Mark Francois

The sun will rise on a free probably will, just not where he happens to be.
Fixed that for you
Racism, selfishness and greed are the hallmarks of remain.

Most remainers are so stupid, selfish and greedy, they voted on the Project FEAR mantra of 'cheap roaming, shorter queues in airports'.

Stupid and shallow.

They don't actually know any foreigners because they are frightened of change but all the nice men call Pedro that they meat at their annual all inclusive gammonfest are nice. As are the minimum wage wokers in the various trendy cafe shacks etc.

But they're not racist, they were 'clever' enough to fall for remain.

And you're even stupider than they are.
Cheers Grand Gammon Wizard's Sleeve.
Nope, I know exactly what I'm referring to Champ. It does seems that you do struggle with reality & comprehension though.

Have a trawl back through the thread, you'll find it. Your little fantasy that is. You know the one, you've probably got it saved & screenshot despite not GAF :bounce:

You rabid little fantasist..:applaud::applaud:
What fantasy? Man up FFS Marvo.
More comedy from May.

Theresa May 'backs down' over Sir Kim Darroch's successor as source close to mole hints more leaks imminent

It beggars belief that a PM with only a little more than a week to go in office would want to appoint an ambassador who would be crucial to the incoming PM. Methinks she's been privately told by BoJo her appointment will be revoked. A stupid woman who still seems incapable of grasping her term in office has been one massive fuster cluck.

It would also appear that more leaks are imminent. Which will heap further embarrassment on Darroch - a diplomat who's got the boot for err.... not using diplomatic language.

Love the way the Remain camp claim it was BoJo's fault he had to resign by not publicly supporting him.

The alternative point of view is that Darroch - by his own actions - made himself unacceptable to POTUS, and a diplomat can't function without access to the president. There was no way Darroch could continue as Ambassador under BoJo in those circumstances.

May's government was a basically a Remain supporting government forced to implement a policy it didn't agree with as a result of a referendum it didn't want. As a result, many senior ministers (i.e. Hammond), diplomats (i.e. Darroch) and senior civil servants (i.e Sedwill) have not been putting their heart and soul into implementing a policy they don't agree with.

For BoJo to make a success of Brexit such people will have to be replaced, moved to positions where they can't affect the Brexit process or converted to Brexit supporters.

I'm shedding no tears over Durroch. He's one of a number of people who will need to be replace/removed if Brexit is to be a success, the UK to prosper and the long term future of the nation secured.

I'm looking forward to Oct.
Cheers Grand Gammon Wizard's Sleeve.
Be fair, it was really early this morning when he posted that load of vitriolic crap. The nice men had only just undone the sleeves on his white jacket.

Of course, during the day you may have missed about how nasty and spiteful the remainers are (ha! @Tired_Tech) when along came that nice @Wordsmith chap followed by the ex Passport checker @LeoRoverman who are both looking forward to nasty men in balaclavas killing or maiming police officers and passport checkers in another country just to prove some point about UK leaving the EU.

Lovely people and it just proves how the inmates have taken over the asylum that is Arrse.

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