Brexit - The Final

I like him (well, his opinions). All sides lied but, yes, he did.
You know the fraud bit others are shouting about? If it's OK when your own side does it we may as well go full Al Capone.
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Expand our armed forces six fold and have major infrastructure projects and you solve the problem of joblessness. The trouble is that borrowing, is inflationary and Germany was on borrowed time..
In that case no country should borrow and in any case Germany was already on borrowed time in 1870. France would see to that. No it’s not really a credible argument. It probably true that an expanded military was a short term cure, predictable expenditure, but you must put into context that Groefass didn’t put Germany on a war footing economically until 1942/3. Conventionally speaking he hadn’t planned for war until approximately then in line with his own expansionist views. The economy couldn’t hack it. What made it worse was that France and Britain could not determine who they would back. That’s what forced Stalins hand, they were even worse off.
OK let's start over again.... Where and what are the facts that justify brexit? Hopes, faith and fantasies do not qualify as facts.
How about this hot off the press ?

The EU refrained from extending stock market equivalence, due to expire at the end of June, because the Swiss did not endorse a partnership treaty with the bend over to the EU, over a Surrender Document that had been negotiated for years, a diplomat told Reuters on Friday.
Swiss ready to retaliate against EU over stock market access - Reuters

Sound familiar ?


Who would want to stay in such a group of sad, vindictive Arrseholes ?

Remoaners - The belters.
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Flash to bang time 5 months - Well done, take yesterday off.

My constant references, aimed at the unamusing_blobster, over time zones should have been a great indicator for you.

15 years of working outside the EU, tax free. Braw.
You're not the brightest are you? It also appears you have the memory of a gnat. I've been calling you that some time.
New information that Boris' partner was a Warboys victim, hence his reluctance to speak about the issue. You remainers need to flush your heads down the bog.
New? I posted that info on Sunday!

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