Brexit - The Final

Not at all. The UK is making a fool of itself and I like to explain only part of the country is barking.
You misunderstand me: I was referring to the withering shame you must feel when, half way through your bum-clenching apology to these foreign burea - sorry - diplomats, you realise that the smile on their face is the one reserved for the fat child who's forgotten his Sunday School recitation.


You've debunked the notion of our trade deficit? I must have been asleep because I've never heard that nonsense before.
I'll try to condense the concept into meme form and get back to you, mucker
Why do you consider it normal to spend a couple of hours between midnight and dawn dumbing down other people's posts?

Is your existence so empty?
Do I need to clear how I use my time with you SPotY? Get your permission to browse at certain times perhaps?

By and large the only posts I find deserving of downrating are yours and your best mate's. As with any any rating, I only rate your posts strictly on their merit - glad it bothers you.

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