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Something that's been advocated by the Arrserati many times. Look back at the so-called defections of Labour MPs to the Independent Group.
I know, I'm.just stating that she's backed a bill that she believes in but wont commit herself to act on her belief.
I agree with your sentiment regarding change but if it is a weak deal, the Tories are dead at the next election and for the foreseeable future.
I think we will leave with no deal, the only sensible option. May's place as PM is now time limited to the next week, IMHO.
Agreed, she may have had to put her head on the chopping block to scrape her deal through. Saying that if the DUP don’t play ball she could be there till the summer.
That is democracy and No, it doesn't much bother me at all.. To disprove a theory, you need to see it in practice. A lot of young people have never seen the left rampant, with a sinking economy and I will expect them to draw the necessary conclusions at close range.
That’s a fair shout, let’s teleport them back to 1982 funny old thing you couldnt trust the political elite or the union bosses back then.
Strange, because on one of my forays into London recently, I passed by a bunch of Remainers, when one of them tried to hand me a leaflet, I told them I wasn't interested as I voted Leave and got called a fascist for my troubles. I'm guessing it was because I wear my hair in a No1 cut, it can't have been because of my views, can it?
No1 cut, are you gay ? Asking for a friend.
I'd smash the bird behind and to the left of him allez uber mind.

Michael is worth $2.5 million apparently.
Michael Heseltine Net Worth

He speaks well but the eu is still sh*t. It wasn't brexiters that brought us to this point. It was soppy europhile and remainer types over the years. Ignoring people who 'weren't like them'.

anyone remember when Anthony Blair have away rebates worth billions in exchange for nothing?
I think he is another beneficiary of the CAP.
I'm not sure I'd bother taking any notice of that.

I didn't think it was possible for SSVC to sink any lower. But here's a screengrab from their 'British Military Slang Or Phrases You Need To Know' article...

View attachment 384380


That's about as an authentic egg banjo as the current offering of brexit is what we voted for.

ETA, they only had to look here for authentic banjos
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That’s got ham in it and what looks like melted cheese on top. That looks more like a badly made Croque Monsieur.

Croque Madame is with an egg, but pretty sure it goes on top.
EY are shite. The Corporate Finance advisory practices in the big 4 in London are all shite - I have dealt with them. Two of the big 4 wanted to advise us and we kicked them into touch as they are completely clueless on the workings of the City.

That said, there is (unchanged for donkeys) STILL a lot of liquidity in the City in London. The issue is its not budging at the minute, which is down to the B word. Things are happening but its very sporadic in terms of how many companies are successfully getting fund raises over the line. September to December was 'a blood bath' - that's the term used by lots of NOMADS and fund managers. October is always quiet.

Things should be moving now but they are not. That is undoubtedly down to the B word, but not down to BREXIT. Its down to Westminster being paralysed and locked in indecision.

So the thing thats fcuking the City is not BREXIT but Westminster and the shambles.

Just out of interest - what are these 7,000 jobs exactly? and what assets are being moved?
And more importantly, knowing that March 29 was Brexit day, why have EY still not moved these assets? What are they waiting for?
Disruption of peaceful protest could lead to a riot situation. Whether the remain side have the moral fortitude to allow the leavers to protest without trying to force their will on proceedings, as has been their wont for the last three years, remains to be seen.
How surprising

Brexit trade deals will be worse than current EU deals, says Liam Fox's former trade chief

Countries are likely to offer the United Kingdom worse trade deals than it currently enjoys as a member of the European Union, the former head of Liam Fox's International Trade Department has told Business Insider.

Sir Martin Donnelly, who was the Permanent Secretary of the Department for International Trade until 2017, said that the UK could offer less market access as an individual country than as part the EU, and would therefore be offered less favourable terms when negotiating free trade arrangements after Brexit.

"The United Kingdom alone can offer significantly less in terms of market access or government procurement than can all of the European Union," Donnelly said.

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