Brexit - The Final

Been posted to Dinant lately? How is your one million a year pension?
Nick old son.
Bereavement can affect different people in different ways, losing Baggy has obviously had an impact on you and your life.
You just have to work through it mate, and time really is a great healer.
Since your sad loss though, and it is not just me noticing these things, your postings on here are not so much postings as ramblings.
You seem a tad obsessed with a sad place called Dinant, and a search on this very website only shows entries made by you in relation to the said place on this thread.
Nobody else mate, just you.
Apparently you went camping there once as quoted in your post 22,214.
No-one else has spoken about working/shagging/being posted/pissed/fighting or arrested there.
Just you.
Now, do you have anything to say about Brexit at all or will all your posts continue to be all about you?


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She said she was joking in the sentence after. It’s a bit extreme left to pretend this was anything other than a joke.
It'll be a "joke" until some fucķwit from the Left actually uses battery/any kind of acid!
Shame I can only give you one "like". Did you see the "Open Letter" in the Herald a week or two back?
Nope - any linky?
It's hardly a secret that Dick of the Yard is a remainer. Or that political pressure from the upper ranks causes certain investigations to be pursued and others dropped.
how quick were the folk who stabbed the trump baby scooped up?

meanwhile how many milkshake throwers have been done? Certainly not many.
You're projecting again.
When did you take your commission?
FYI, I, and the rest of the site are not fcuking interested.
You continue to lose in life and ont'inerweb
Only in someone's sobbing and CBD oil impaired mind.
The problem is if some mouth breathing remain sort throws something a bit nastier than milkshake.

It's already in the way, it was only remainer's lack of creativity and independent thought that was slowing it down.
The nastier than milkshake has come from the other side so far. HTH.
I missed this the first time around:
These are the 10 people who have been truly driven off the deep end by Brexit…

  • AC Grayling – Where else to begin? Grayling has become Twitter’s nutty professor, every day pumping out increasingly unhinged anti-Brexit diatribes. Some highlights include labelling Brexiteers “vermin“, seeking a general strike to oppose Brexit, claiming “90% of informed opinion” is against Brexit, alleging other ultra-Remainers were being “silenced” by forces of the state, and arguing that the Tory government is “alt-right”. Grayling is alt-reality.
  • Andrew Adonis – Every day he tweets about “stopping” or “halting” Brexit, which he calls “self-mutilation”. Some of his more vitriolic attacks are reserved for fellow Remainers who he reckons have sold out, he claims for example that Brexit is being driven by a “David Davis-Keir Starmer axis”. Peak Adonis was when he wrote to Lord Hall demanding the BBC sack Andrew Neil. Remarkably he still has a government job…
  • Ben Bradshaw – Bradshaw has taken to tweeting out Louise Mensch blog posts citing “multiple sources with links to UK intelligence” who apparently say the referendum should be voided due to Russian intervention. Yesterday he tweeted that it was time for the Tories “to come clean about extent of Kremlin’s reach into heart of Government”. Friends don’t let friends retweet Louise Mensch.
  • Carole Cadwalladr – Cadwalladr appears to genuinely believe Brexit was a Russian plot, she has claimed the Leave campaign used psy-ops to hoodwink voters and doesn’t appear to realise she is being elaborately trolled by Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore who have christened her “Carole Codswallop”. Last night she suggested lifelong Eurosceptic Michael Gove only backed Vote Leaveon the orders of the Legatum Institute, who she reckons are agents of Putin. It’s so ridiculous even Newsnight have taken the piss. The Observer’s continued indulging of her conspiracy theories seems almost exploitative.
  • Tim Walker – The waspish former diary columnist delights in dishing out snark, but thin-skinned Tim can’t take it when his conspiratorial babble is called out. The former Telegraph man turned freelancer and New European contributor reckons “Putin will continue to govern this country through stupid, weak, vain, greedy politicians so long as we, the people, are prepared to sit back and let him”. Cuckoo.
  • Jolyon Maugham – Twitter’s most attention-seeking QC once said he considers it an honour that he is known as “the biggest c**t at the English bar”. Brexit has turned him mad as well as bad. Just read how nasty Maugham was to the genial Danny Finkelstein about Article 50. And who can forget the time he decided to set up a new political party to fight Brexit. Always a telltale sign of a Brexdown.
  • Jeremy Cliffe – Talking of which, the Economist’s Berlin correspondent started The Radicals, seriously pledging to reverse Brexit, join the Euro, join the EU army and make Ken Clarke the next European Commission president. He quit the party after 12 hours following an all-staff internal email bollocking from his bosses. The Economist’s embarrassment was the happiest the FT newsroom has been all year.
  • Liam Byrne – Byrne is partly responsible for setting off the Russia conspiracy theorists (and the Mail on Sunday), demanding a “US-style judge-led inquiry”in response to a Louise Mensch blog. He’s tweeted out crank articles quoting intelligence “sources” saying the referendum will need to be re-run. He’s in danger of going the full Bradshaw. And Liam, we really need to talk about the beard.
  • Tom Brake – There has always been something of the night about Tom Brake, and the mood of parliament’s most humourless MP has not been helped by Brexit. When he’s not complaining to Bercow about Guido, Brake is making a fool of himself about Legatum. LibDem press officers play a game where they compete to put the most OTT lines into his press releases, knowing Brake will never tell them to tone it down.
  • Alastair Campbell – Okay so he always was a few billion short of a trade deal, but Bad Al is really not taking things well at the moment. He calls Leavers “Brextremists”, compared them to jihadists and even launched into a xenophobic rant against Gisela Stuart. He’s not gone in for the Putin stuff to be fair. Though that’s possibly more to do with his own Russia Todayappearances.
Nov 2017 but they are just as loopy:
10 People Who've Been Driven Mad By Brexit -
It's funny seeing someone who had a hissy fit flounce and uses amazon to calm down posting this.
how much will we import and export post brexit?

about the same? Splendid.
We don't know. Unless we're Mystic Tech with a crystal ball. HTH.

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