Brexit - The Final

She said she was joking in the sentence after. It’s a bit extreme left to pretend this was anything other than a joke.
She said it was a fantasy, not a joke. I suspect if someone was fantasising on air about chucking acid over 'hateful' remainers plod would have at least had words.
Remember these traitors?
I do.
Bloody hell, what a pair of suck-up bloody dicks.
They surely can’t have thought that the EU wouldn’t have already thought along similar lines? Which means they just wanted to be seen saying it.
‘Dear EU, please act like a bunch of petulant childish ******* towards my country. Because that will help overturn the results of a democratic vote... because I would like to continue to represent my country and fight her corner as a Member of the EU Parliament.’
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It’s getting interestinger. I understand that Macron may want to back Merkel for the Commission replacement. That should please Barnier. If true that has taken the EU on a subtle shift. As I read it Macron wants to distance himself from the looming Euro crisis. A dangerous game may be about to start.

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