Brexit - The Final

She is not a comedian, she merely pretends to be one.
I also worked in a Mental Health Hospital for 2 years. I object to being labelled alongside the evil idiot.
Soldiers can have a dark humour, they can practice it in private, not on the Radio.
As for her politics, who cares.
Mrs Oyibo worked with her for a short while in a mental hospital in London. Whenever Jo Brandt comes on the telly my wife lets rip with a stream of invective that would make a sailor blush.
Why all of the leadership promises will come face to face with reality. Again.
Maybe you are unaware , but she is a comedian and this is in keeping with her humour.

Édit: She also worked as a mental health nurse for a bit i see. Those people have very dark humour.

And is she socialist? I don’t think she is.
She certainly is not a comedian, she is a loud mouthed idiot.

Yes, having grown up with a parent who was one, they do.

She is a champagne socialist, just like the rest of these so-called comedians.


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In 2017, UK exports to the EU were £274 billion (44% of all UK exports). UK imports from the EU were £341 billion (53% of all UK imports).

Do you see the problem

Only utter Richard Heads address or focus on one side of a problem.
There is also the 'Rotterdam Effect' where UK manufactured goods are sent to Rotterdam, transshipped and then reexported to destinations outside of the EU. This will reduce the 'headline' UK exports to the EU by several percent.



They fought hard at Mers el Kebirs.
The FFL fought really well against anybody, your point being?
You could have said Bir El Hackiem, or even against us in Syria, they fought reasonably well but this was before Nato.


Who said the education system up here is broken, geographically she is correct, but that is all she is right about.
Hang on, Nicola Geographically correct who must own shares in atlas making companies or blue paper? That one?
Why no-one can put Shetland in a box anymore
Great use of legislative time there Jimmy, nothing like ignoring the drugs misery of your urban wastelands to get a dig in at traditional cartography practices which must be English!
I don’t want to overload you with questions, so we will go for one at a time.

First give examples of the lies - even one will be enough.

Then we will move on to what the delusions are; then finally we discuss why you believe I’m sick.
I'll tell you what, you post evidence that Parliament imposed women's and gay rights onto an unwilling public which you claimed several weeks ago but despite repeated requests for evidence have not backed up, first.
A Tefel head like you should find it easy if it was true.
Oh dear, I have just posted an example of one of your lies.
You win, you clever thing.

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