Brexit straw poll

How did you vote and how do you feel now?

  • Voted leave, but want to leave with a deal

  • Voted leave and don't care about a deal, just LEAVE!

  • Voted remain but accept result and want to leave but with a deal

  • Voted remain, accept the result but now just want to LEAVE!

  • I want a second referendum because I was too stupid to understand the question first time around.

  • Voted leave but want to remain

  • Voted remain but want to leave

  • Voted remain and still want to remain. Keep haveing a vote until we get the right answer

Results are only viewable after voting.
There wasn't a referendum to join.

How old were you in 1975?
21. But I missed voting on whatever cos I got senderisated to Sharjah for several months just having had 4 days leave after a few months buggering around Harry Singers and Malaya.
Apart from that, I only thought Yurop was for having wars on, as it kept the UK clean.


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Poll shows that as far as ARRSE is concerned the Remainac traitors can take a running poke at a rolling doughnut.
I've always believed we were swindled the first time around....... as a plumber, I've spent my life working in the homes of people across the spectrum, and I can honestly say that I've met very, very few people who say they voted to go in.
Working in a lot of early 1970s MP’s houses?

MP’s were the ones who voted the U.K. in.... they didn’t ask the public anything about the EU at all until 2 years later and then waited another 36 years
What irks me is that no matter what the public think (or even a subsection of that) these leeches that are named 'politicians' seem to think they know better than the people they are supposed to speak for.

So we leave and the sky falls in, they will still get their bloody massive salary.

I used to work with a man who had earmarked these two 'Empire builders' who were all about their own empire and not the companies best interests. He always used to say, "If they put as much effort into doing a good job for the company as they do to undermining, self preservation and empire building we would be in a much better shape".

Same with these politicians who should all be earmarked for replacement, the country voted leave, they should have all worked together to get a good deal, instead of the infighting, scaremongering and resources spent after the vote on trying to change it.

Who holds the politicians accountable?

The public can.
If requests for additional polls can I have one saying "Voted remain knowing brexit is a terrible idea with a worse implementation that will harm the UK for decades. And i want another referendum to give our kids and grandkids a chance to dodge the bullet we've fired at ourselves."

Thought not. No harm in asking though.
Poll shows that as far as ARRSE is concerned the Remainac traitors can take a running poke at a rolling doughnut.
Traitors eh?
Do you use the term "enemy of the people" a lot and masturbate frequently to Khymer Rouge atrocity pics?

You ******* cock.
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