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None of them. The two major players in civil aviation regulation are the FAA and EASA, who are both working to harmonise their airworthiness regimes to an even closer extent than they are now. They do this as Airbus want to sell to the US and Boeing want to sell to Europe with as few barriers as possible. Right now it's a straightforward if not simple paperwork exercise to get an EASA cert if you've got the FAA one and vice versa. So convergence and harmonisation are the name of the game.

See, if you actually understood the subject you'd know that it is the international agreements with other regulators that add value, outside the big two most regulators just pick one and go along with it. If they did try to force extra national requirements on suppliers all that would do is push up the costs for anyone buying from that country, as the suppliers would just pass those costs on. Airlines react badly to that sort of thing, hence outside the US and Europe regulators tend to be followers, not leaders. So leaving EASA is a move in the exact opposite direction to every other country on the planet.

You'd also know that for EASA members running a single agency with national front ends is a lot cheaper than duplicating that agency 28 times in each country. That's why non-EU countries join EASA, it's better and cheaper than going it alone.

So well done, I couldn't write a parody of ignorance better than your words.
We'll see. Wouldn't be the first time this country has taken the route not recommended by 'experts' and come out well.
Not before time.

Mrs DG recently tried phoning the NHS PALS service, which was 'answered' by a lady of foreign extraction whose grasp of the English language was so poor the call was incomprehensible.

Ironic really, as the purpose of the call was to lodge a complaint about poor communication.
Delicious irony in such a situation


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The NHS will need to find staff anywhere it can now the EU nurses and other staff are going home and not being replaced.
The information about where a staff member is from is self-reported—meaning that it could refer to their country of birth, their citizenship or their cultural heritage. NHS Digital, which publish the figures, also points out that the number of staff of “unknown nationality” leaving the NHS has decreased. As more people provide their nationality, it will increase the numbers in the other “known nationality” groups.

These figures don’t just include staff who leave the NHS permanently, they also count staff going on a career break or on maternity leave.
NHS staff from the EU: one year on from the referendum


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Factually incorrect yet again Baggie!
Contrary to the popular myth, ostriches do not bury their heads in the sand! When an ostrich senses danger and cannot run away, it flops to the ground and remains still, with its head and neck flat on the ground in front of it.
But you know that doncha?!
It was a serious question. No one seems keen to answer.

Never mind. I will store it up for when people talk about the UK failing then post it again. I might get a response next time.
It's because you've misinterpreted both the chart and the article:


Impact on other EU economies much smaller than for UK

We found that this would leave the level of UK GDP some 2.0% – or £16bn in cash terms – lower at the end of 2020 compared with our baseline. The impact on the remaining EU countries, including Ireland, would meanwhile be much smaller.

The notion that the UK could simply walk away from Brexit negotiations and rely on WTO rules to trade with the world is deeply flawed, our study concluded. The UK would need to re-establish more than 750 very complex international arrangements just to maintain the status quo.
Not worked on satellites, sadly.

Seems like a very interesting field.

Must be some real sweaty palms come launch day.

Especially when it's sat on an Arianne rocket.

There, look I can criticise Europe too :)

Really interesting cost model on satellite funding and operations, if it fails before the sell by date, say 15 years, the builder has to give the operator a refund. Profits margins for operators are staggering, 70%!
And the UK is a global centre of excellence, tech in advance of the Americans.
Apparently the Soyuz is the popular choice for commercial launchers, IIRC, he quoted 14,000 successful launches on a rocket almost unchanged since the 60's.
The delicate subject of Brexit was raised. Their only real issue seems to be free movement of their staff around their plants across Europe and the UK, if thats not an issue, all is apparently well with their world.


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Car Number Plates. All UK plates have a blue EU.flag. On Exit will all plates have to be replaced or masked over?

Yes, maybe
No, maybe
or maybe just,

BTW, my car does not have the starry ******** on it.
The head of the CAA - the government agency in question - has testified to Parliament that it is policy not to start. Look up Hansard if you don't believe me. If you don't accept that then frankly I have no idea what to say.

And again, please stop lying about what I said. Flights will continue. Industry will just relocate out of the UK, along with the tax revenue and jobs. How much, how fast and how many are all details that will come out in the wash.
Fact resistance is particularly strong in this one. Hence his button mashing fits when cold, hard reality rears its head.

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