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No! No! No!

99% of Remainers claim we've stopped them moving abroad to work…

What? They are liars and would never move to the next town, let alone the next country?
They come here because the opportunities for this particular branch of IT are better in the UK than in many other parts of Europe. The company also runs a world class training program. Some of the EU citizens who've trained with us have then gone back to their own country to open branches of the company there (Spain being a good example).

With offices inside the EU (as well as in the UK), we've already largely guarded against the problems of Brexit.

Discussions will stretch to mid-November when Barnier will stand up and say that no agreement has been possible. The Council of Europe will meet in mid-December, put Barnier back in his box and the agreement will be ratified with implementation periods agreed, probably in a series of different modules /disciplines with separate timelines, and the UK will depart the EU in March 2019. Various trade agreements with countries around the world will come in to force and the UK will go from strength to strength, despite the spoling tactics of some EU loving Britons.
Don't forget that the final ratification will go right to the wire, with it being pulled out of the hat at stupid o'clock in the morning following an all-nighter involving a formal dinner!!
No idea.

All I know was that departments (and in particular the Treasury) were directed not to waste time planning for a leave vote.
Indeed - and certain CS contributors to the this thread have said exactly the same regarding other government departments.


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Well hurrah. Somethings working
From Davis

‘The technology to deliver a near frictionless border including number plate recognition, authorised economic operater system and electronic pre authorisation already existed and the government had started talks with potential suppliers’

I wonder who...........
how much actual use will it be with them? It's a solution looking for a problem.

Its all about EU control.

All new cars sold in the EU have to have a Galileo GPS transponder.
Its a very precise system, real time position tracking down to centimetres

I bet you can see where thats heading. ;-)
It would depend on the exact terms. Without checking, I suspect the answer is yes.

The EU is desperate to keep us in the customs union because it would leave us enmeshed in EU red tape and unable to set our own tax rates and bin superfluous EU laws. Given that JRM has called any such decision 'cretinous', and as he speaks for 60 MP's, May has been put on notice that staying in the customs union is not acceptable to a significant part of the Tory party. She would only get it though the Commons with the aid of Labour. That would trigger a leadership challenge, May's fall and a new GE.

I don't think May is that stupid.

Party held to ransom by 60 MPs? Isn't that how we got here?
No they don’t. I don’t for one minute think that brexit will make us less competitive. I think the opposite. It’ll make us more competitive.

Here’s another guy who thinks brexit will improve our competitiveness.

Brexit staged right – an interview with Roger Bootle

As has been said before, some will struggle with brexit, and some will thrive.
Roger Bootle? FFS Andy, you'll be using Eck for economics arguments next.
Roger Bootle? FFS Andy, you'll be using Eck for economics arguments next.
Seems to have quite a successful track record.

Big money (Sorros, Blair eat al) doesn’t want brexit to happen as it’ll impact on their € investments.

Fur somebody who claims to want brexit to happen because we voted for it, you seem to be peddling a lot of remain pish.
Which is why the heads of many big businesses oppose Brexit. Running a large business is a hugely complex business and I suspect many CEOs who can run a business in fair-weather times will be found wanting when the good ship Brexit sails into choppier waters.

On the plus side, it may result in some unsatisfactory CEOs being replaced by ones better able to think on their feet.

Why on earth would the heads of international companies oppose reckless and unplanned change which every study barring those which move the goalpost forecast us to be worse off? Because they'r enot as brave as someone with no responsibly to their workforce or shareholders. Glad you Brexplained it.

Brexplaining: Using fantasy and wishful thinking to explain why you're right and those with experience don't have a clue.

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