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Brexit Phase Two - Trade

Discussions will stretch to mid-November when Barnier will stand up and say that no agreement has been possible. The Council of Europe will meet in mid-December, put Barnier back in his box and the agreement will be ratified with implementation periods agreed, probably in a series of different modules /disciplines with separate timelines, and the UK will depart the EU in March 2019. Various trade agreements with countries around the world will come in to force and the UK will go from strength to strength, despite the spoling tactics of some EU loving Britons.
Now that, ladies gentlemen boys and girls, is what a tipping point looks like.

Aspiring psc spearchuckers take note.
You seem to be testing the Moderators patience. Not for much longer I hope.
To be fair, he was warned before and deleted his offending post. Much as it pains me to utter the words, others might learn from his example, except of course that they cannot see the deletion and know what happened. Unlike me. ;-)


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To be fair, he was warned before and deleted his offending post. Much as it pains me to utter the words, others might learn from his example, except of course that they cannot see the deletion and know what happened. Unlike me. ;-)
Hmmmm! :eek:
Of course you don't care...you're a remain voter.....ergo, you don't give a shiit about the country. You want to carry on getting buggered up the rusty sheriffs badge, sans lubricant. Words like lickspital were invented for your sort.
Words like weakling and phrases like big girls blouse were invented for your sort. You great Jessie.

I'm running a book on the next time you declare we're all on ignore again and make a comment or vote five minutes later. You great Jessie.
It is not a concession, I accept that in the absence of anything other than whinging from the air community about how difficult it is (and the fact that it might take 5 years to come up with an alternative, even though nearly two of them have passed since the referendum vote) there might have to be a transitional arrangement, in respect of aviation (which, it may surprise some who post here, does not represent the entirety of the UK economy) which involves the EASA and, in terms of arbitrating on areas of aviation dispute, the ECJ.

Me? I would have sacked the first man who said that it could not be done in time for Brexit and appointed someone who could. But it was not up to me so we are where we are. Small beer in the great scheme of things.
Cheers General Melchett.
“To the timid and hesitating everything is impossible because it seems so.”
Because you've ventured out into the commercial world...
Without reading through 900 pages, we keep hearing about how bad or good BREXIT will be for the UK. But has anyone worked out the costs for the rest of the EU. Surely the combined loss for the 27 is far greater than any loss for the 1.
If there are no published figures, Is that because no one has worked it out or the fact they have worked it out and the numbers are terrifying?
Is it time for a Father Ted joke?
Actually, and bearing in mind the hospital pass the current incumbents of No 10 and elsewhere were delivered, the criminal failure of the previous lot to allow any preparatory civil service contingency planning, the recalcitrant and non-existent collegiate attitude of the EU and more particularly E C and the well funded, strategically able and damaging remain insurgency, I am rather astonished that we have lasted this far.

That we have, and that we are still in the game, speaks volumes.
If there was no CS planning how did the MOD manage to hedge future purchases? Genuine Q BTW.
It currently looks like we are pretending to leave and sticking a Union Flag in the top. I expect Parliament will seize control of the process should it become apparent that HMG can't achieve anything acceptable. If that happens, I'm not yet in a position to forecast what would result once the dust had settled.
AFAIK Parliament can't seize control of the process as that would be against our constitution. The executive put together the legislation programme for each session not Parliament so there is no process by which Parliament can take control unless they change the constitution -- good luck with that.
Paid back early and with interest and thanks. That’s why they’ve been so nice about us behaving like shitheads.
And they're really racking up the brownie points with HMG at the moment; can't wait see the response to their next request for some dosh when they fcek up again -- and that might be sooner rather than later. We'll see.
Oh dear, one over on the EU!

UK explores producing own satellite system after EU's Galileo snub
Britain could seek €1.4bn refund as tempers flare over post-Brexit security access
Financial Times-3 hours ago

As part of its rearguard actions to reverse the EU's decision, Britain is preparing to block the approval of procurement for the next batch of Galileo satellites, designed as a rival to the Pentagon's GPS system, at a Berlin meeting of the European Space Agency council on Wednesday.

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If there was no CS planning how did the MOD manage to hedge future purchases? Genuine Q BTW.
Just how did they do that? Was is brexit planning or normal planning? If brexit, are you saying that the MoD CS are a special breed with the cohones to put two fingers up to No 10 and crack on with what they believe to be best against direct instruction?
No idea.

All I know was that departments (and in particular the Treasury) were directed not to waste time planning for a leave vote.
There's probably little point anyway. The Budgets are already set, we're already paying for our own infrastructure.i.e Police etc so it's just a matter of waiting to see how the finances work out. What was true of the leave campaign is that funds earmarked for Brussels can be reapportioned, but that will probably take the rest of this Parliament to stabilise. What remain are saying in effect is that we must continue paying at an increasing rate into the forseeable future.

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