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Brexit Phase Two - Trade

Oh, come now. You know what a tipping or culminating point is.
I do. But this is not a military operation. I spelled out my understanding of what you were predicting (shift in public opinion sufficient to effect a significant change of direction re, Brexit) and simply asked if that were, indeed, what you were saying would be with us in 3 weeks time.
It is not a concession, I accept that in the absence of anything other than whinging from the air community about how difficult it is (and the fact that it might take 5 years to come up with an alternative, even though nearly two of them have passed since the referendum vote) there might have to be a transitional arrangement, in respect of aviation (which, it may surprise some who post here, does not represent the entirety of the UK economy) which involves the EASA and, in terms of arbitrating on areas of aviation dispute, the ECJ.

Me? I would have sacked the first man who said that it could not be done in time for Brexit and appointed someone who could. But it was not up to me so we are where we are. Small beer in the great scheme of things.

“To the timid and hesitating everything is impossible because it seems so.”
The EU is not very democratic is it?

The Commission is made up of 28 unelected commissioners, who cannot be held to account. Each commissioner has a specific policy area in which to create laws. The Commission has a President (currently Jean-Claude Juncker); unlike the other 27 commissioners he is personally elected by the European Parliament, however his was the only name on the ballot paper, not exactly democratic. The Commission is advised by the Directorate General, which along with the Commission is heavily lobbied. Once the Commission proposes an EU law, this proposal is taken to the Parliament.

What did your personally do about that chillsjag?
Let’s also not forget that the EU doesn’t do boundary changes.

That’s why Malta gets 1 MEP for every 76k of their population and the UK gets 1 MEP for every 860k of their population.

Europeans have generally struggled with democracy and its importance.
I'm just loving their angst.....should I feel guilty.
Thank you. Just ensuring I had understood it properly.

Is he still a silly man?
Yes, because despite polluting the brexit aviation thread with his boundless opinion, he needed to ask what the function of EASA and the ECJ has.

So, yes meerclutz is a bit dim
What is all still up for grabs?

Any politician who pursues that fantasy of reversing BREXIT is committing political suicide.

They'll fudge at any cost to save their skin.
Hence the reason why so many remain politicians are pushing for us to stay in the customs union.

Customs union = EU Common VAT area = £££s to Brussels to prop Brussels up.
It's not in the interest of the EU MS to give the UK a better deal than we have now.

Where is the incentive?

Stamp your feet all you like.

I don't need to demonstrate why because it's exactly what is happening now.

We tell Europe to stuff their club, but let us keep preferential access.

If you can't see why this tactic is unachievable then I would question your logical abilities.

I have to prove nothing.
I'd like to see you prove the UK would be better off rejoining the EU & that a Federal EU isn't the intended end game.

But you won't; all you'll do is continue squawking your Chicken Little mantra of doom, gloom & disaster.
Ah so the ECJ has basically borrowed ours. So move it here. End of sorted.
International trade is mostly governed under English legal principles, I am led to believe. Hence the huge number of lawyers in the City whose time zone is a convenient midway point between ecomonic giants.
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