Brexit Phase Two - Trade

How about the mutual w* nkfest buggers off to the Brexit consiquences thread where no one listenes to your bleating
And leave this thread to anyone who can actually post posts regarding trade.
This rushing to the latest thread with your “beliefs”which you repeat ad nausiem “just wastes bandwidth.
It would just save the rest of us so much time.
Yours sincerely cb.
Not an import duty though; more a tax on smoking that helps pay for what it costs the NHS.
Interestingly enough, whilst doing some work at a hospital many moons ago, the consultant I was following around told me that smokers pay in 3p for every penny they take out of the NHS. Stopping people smoking is a bit of a double edged sword. It’ll cost you a fortune in the short term.


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In an ideal world the EU could temporarily keep its interfering snib out and only act as an observer (Impossible task I know).

Dublin-Belfast/Westminster draft a mutual frictionless border agreement which doesn't conflict with the GFA, and if 'all three' agree in the national interests then simply inform the EU of Belfast/Dublin's intentions allowing it to be voted & signed off.

Eire as a EU MS is capable of achieving this, Brussels doesn't want to be seen as not being in control.

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Why? you really don’t get it.

The brexiters promoted this, caused this and expect others to fix it?
That’s insane. You could see it if we hadn’t gone out of our way, alienating Johnnie Foreigner, making life difficult for those living here and hoping to live here.

Now they’re expected to sort us out.
I’ve been asking for months and a bit. You knew what you were voting for, surely there’s a solution other than relying on Europe.
That’s actually incorrect. Britain didn’t impose “free trade” - it simply removed SOME duties. Four of the imports chosen to bear duties - tobacco, tea, spirits and wine - produced 95 per cent of the revenue from customs.

I can post quite a lot on it if you wish.
Actually, your'e both right to a point. The smuggling rackets did much to ease the duty burden. The other factor- the Napoleonic wars which gave rise to Income tax was another factor. We had Free trade from the Empire, because it was largely free, we only levied duties for consumption purposes i.e prior to retail.
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