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Brexit Phase Two - Trade

That’s actually incorrect. Britain didn’t impose “free trade” - it simply removed SOME duties. Four of the imports chosen to bear duties - tobacco, tea, spirits and wine - produced 95 per cent of the revenue from customs.

I can post quite a lot on it if you wish.

I seem to recall a Hogarthian style cartoon, from my school days, of a couple passing a shop window: the bubbles went something like this: woman: Oh look, dear, so cheap; man, turning out empty pockets, in reply.


Edit missed the "h" from Hogarthian
You're not comparing Apples and Oranges. That's all, it do be made up and is counterfactual. Your allegory is full of untruth.
In fact Indonesia and the EU are not so different. Indonesia is bigger, and has more diversity. 300 ethnic groups, 700 languages, 34 provinces (think of them as countries), 8000 islands.

It was formed in 1947, the EU was formed in 57. It has reinvented itself several times, like Common Market, to EEC, ro EC, to EU. In Indonesia’s case it only really existed as a democratic nation after 2004.

One government at federal level, and regional governments at provincial level.

It also has a pretty chequered history of invasions, occupations and war.

It may not be exactly apples to apples, but it’s pretty close.

And you know what, the UK would be better off dumping the EU and signing a deal with Joko......
You don't even know where I stand on the referendum result do you?
And you don’t know where I stand..... in fact I didn’t vote as I no longer live in the UK (but own a house there)

I think the brexit vote was madness on both sides - the EU should have seen what was going to happen and made concessions to the UK.

Instead that classic Franco German arrogance popped up and things turned to sh1t really quickly.

The UK on the other hand, should have taken control of the EU and made them stick to knitting.

The sheer fact that the EU has protectionist tariffs in 2018, but is obsessed with federalism, one army, Common laws etc, shows how massively out of touch they had become. The UK should not have allowed it to happen.

Both sides are now like punch drunk aging fighters, having slogged themselves senseless.

The best alternative now is to move forward and forget what has happened. But that Franco German arrogance is back on the menu. We must punish the British.

It’s exaclty that small minded sectarian stupidity that drove the UK to a vote to leave.

Can the UK recover?. Of course it can.

Can the EU? Not without radically changing.
That’s the spirit. Don’t like what I’m hearing or reading. I’ll just sit in my echo chamber and look all surprised when it happens. And repeat after me.
‘ It’s not a Customs Union. It’s something completely different’. (in the title).
‘It’s not a betrayal, because it’s not called the Customs Union. We are leaving the Customs Union. This is completely different’. (No matter what it looks like)
A customs union would be fine as long as it makes economic sense and does not come with a whole host of conditions whereby the EU retain control and limit the UKs freedom of action.

Easy tests by which to judge the worth of any proposal.
The EU praising communism......you couldn't make this shiite up. And this is who remainers really are:

In an ideal world the EU could temporarily keep its interfering snib out and only act as an observer (Impossible task I know).

Dublin-Belfast/Westminster draft a mutual frictionless border agreement which doesn't conflict with the GFA, and if 'all three' agree in the national interests then simply inform the EU of Belfast/Dublin's intentions allowing it to be voted & signed off.

Eire as a EU MS is capable of achieving this, Brussels doesn't want to be seen as not being in control.

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a bit like Spain is being allowed to do with UK in respect of Gib.
A customs union would be fine as long as it makes economic sense and does not come with a whole host of conditions whereby the EU retain control and limit the UKs freedom of action.

Easy tests by which to judge the worth of any proposal.
FFS if you go into a customs union make sure:

1. The scope and rules cannot be changed during its life
2. It has a renewable end date
3. You can get out without the problems the UK has getting out of the EU.
It also makes you wonder how in the EU Germany manages to trade so profitably with outside the EU China despite your man Liam Fox disgraced MP claiming that the UK can't

China remains Germany's biggest trading partner in 2017
Serious question?

It’s because Germany manages to use the misery of poorer euro countries to keep its prices down. The Euro exchange rate is negatively impacted by the third world members of the zone, making German exports cheaper than they should be.

It’s classic German financial lmarket manipulation, but it’s going to bite them on their arse when the currency fails.
I love getting dumb tags from the SPOTY and runner up (hint: it's the same troll) :cool:
Makes my day when I've called the dim witted out.
They clearly voted for the support of communism by the EU, see my post above.
Words can't describe how I feel about the lickspital traitors that voted remain.....they clearly didn't know that they were voting and cherishing communism......or did they?;)

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