Brexit Phase Two - Trade

Your mistake, amongst a multitude of your mistakes, is to see brexit in everything without reading what is in front of you.

You are suffering from a bad case of Remainiacary! :pukel:. :alien:

I hope you get better soon! o_O
You choose to exist in the opaque netherworld of ignorance.

This saddens me
I still see the syndrome both north and south of the border that their personal interest and convenience trumps all others in the country’s wishes.
I’ve seen this before on the Isle of Man where the inhabitants thought that the rest of the U.K. hung on every word and opinion that was uttered in the house of keys.
Using the complicit Irish to force U.K. to stay inside it’s tarrif wall will not wash With much of the mainland voters and any govt that tried to spin that would risk a kicking at the polls.
Only in your mind.

Let me put it this way. What is the link to Brexit other than the fact that the article states that it is not to do with Brexit?

Was it just the word that got you excited?

If that is so, prepare to be thrilled once more

I've already addressed this.

Read the thread


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On a Friday. Good News from Phil Hammond in the FT

‘He’, himself, that man Phil ‘has dammed the flow of finance jobs out of the UK’

Big global banks now relatively relaxed about Brexit states Phil.

I wasn’t aware there was a flow of finance jobs out of the uk. And for the last year and a bit we were assured big global banks were nothing but relaxed about Brexit.
Still, it’s good news.
Are we all still spouting complete and utter bollox about a non-existent border between 6 counties of one country and 26 of another?
The self same border that since 6th December 1921 was never ever policed or enforced effectively from one side until some time in 2001.
And not for too long either.
Why are the same suspects shitting in their pants again over a border that was only policed effectively once in nearly 100 years?

Some of you need to move out from Mum's house and experience what has happened and is currently happening in the real world.

Hard border my fcuking arrse.
Just keep shitting in your pants, life will go on.


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Evening to you, too.

I don't need to bother any more. The whole panto has so obviously run its course. Now I just shrug and smile, that seems to work.
Not a Gallic shrug one hopes!

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