Brexit Phase Two - Trade

From what I can make out.

This system appears to offer a good solution to the issue of import/exports from the RoI to third countries via mainland UK. It does not appear to offer any solution to the potential increased burden of checks for consignments originating, terminatinng or being adjusted within the UK.
The specific topic of debate was the potential for long delays at (any) crossing point. The TIR system does away with the need to check and charge at the border. The customs declarations are effectively made at source, with appropriate tarrifs known and catered for at the outset. There is of course a requirement for whatever regulatory regime is in play to be confirmed on arrival so there may well be an increased burden in the final destination, but the point I was making was that the borders remain uncluttered.
I predict the 'professional' unelected politicians in Brussels will continue to cut off their nose to spite their face until the proper, elected Heads of State put the brakes on them and insist on a sensible solution. And so it will continue..............
I cannot be arrsed to look it up but I have a feeling that the EU policy wonks did a number on the TIR regulations in order to dissuade hauliers within the EU from seeking national carnets in favour of EU ones.
I think most remainers don't believe that. Apparently we'd have vetoed everything with no comeback.
I wish we'd used our influence to stop fantasists making shit up. How's life in Hyperboleland?

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