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And best you have a lie down. It reads like it is all getting too much for you.
Lonely night at the truck stop with just the vaseline and ginsters again?

Aren't you glad that the queuing up at Dover for 30 miles disaster has been averted?
Lonely night at the truck stop with just the vaseline and ginsters again?

Aren't you glad that the queuing up at Dover for 30 miles disaster has been averted?
Why are you at a truck stop with Vaseline and ginsters?

More to the point why in heavens name do you keep resorting to stupidity as a response?
What do you think about the humiliating climb downs that have lead us to this transition deal?
I'm too busy laughing at you to concentrate on other things. Although, as you're following me, yet again, you may have noticed I'm not on here all day. How's the job hunting going?


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So no red lines, real or imaginary, actually crossed then?

Thanks for clarifying that.
No solution to the Irish question. Yet our negotiating team have agreed to the fact that the backstop remains as a safeguard if everything falls apart.

Hence, no Hard Brexit. No hard border and the U.K. have agreed. That it will be the case should a solution not be found.
As always, I’m confused: Scotland was against the UK leaving the EU, even making threats to have another independence referendum so that they could negotiate to stay in the EU, with all the concomitant rules, e.g. on EU fishing rights in their waters.

Now, when the government of the UK has yet to negotiate fully independent UK fishing rights, the Scots are screaming blue murder and betrayal of their fishing rights.

Go figure.
I understand your confusion., anything not expressed in simple crayon drawings seem to confuse a lot of people on this thread. I have created such a drawing to help you.


In case you are still having trouble understanding this, let me point out the flaws in your post.
1. Yes, the majority of Scots who voted, voted to against the UK leaving the EU
2. Yes, some Scots are complaining about the betrayal of their fishing rights.

Your logical flaw is to assume that all Scots think the same way.

Now have another look at the diagram and see if you can work out which group are complaining.
Ugh! I feel soiled, its following me too!:oops:
It is called ‘passive-aggressive’ behaviour. A low level form of intimidation, if you will. The ARRSE equivalent of saying, ‘I know where you live!’ In Ulster speak.


Obsession? You appear to have gone full retard. Has it been a bad day for you? It appears that you are following me as well as, in the absence of a Caps Lock Irony! button, I rated this post funny and you respond with another creepy attempt to engage me via PM. Please note that I will not respond.
Any input on the transition period announced today?

Was just interested in your opinion, really Bob
One of the joys of having a friend with a degree in freshwater and marine biology and a masters in conservation is a somewhat better than average knowledge of the subject. Most conservation professionals regard the EU's fishery policies as directly damaging to the conservation of fish stocks as they're driven by political requirements rather than science.

With a fair wind, when we take back control over our own waters, we can both up the catch and profitability of UK fishermen while markedly improving the conservation policy, thus guaranteeing long term fish stocks.

It's specialist friend time....I was waiting, you didn't disappoint. Here's the reality.

Changes in stoick distribution due to climate change are one of the big issues

Brexit and fishing: How can the UK deliver a ‘successful’ fisheries policy after Brexit?

Expect Gove to keep on playing this card as he positions himself. Cummings has submerged again so the games afoot.

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