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Regardless, thanks for the apology.
How amusing. To be called an imbecile by the reigning SPOTY!
You put too much stock in a rigged poll set up by rabid kippers.

Perhaps you should reflect on why you feel outraged on the behalf of a far right MP assassinating scumbag
Someone pointed out stupid things remain supporters have done (dancing); I pointed out stupid things leave voters have done (murder).

Anything more than that is a figment of your overactive imagination.
He wasn't a leave voter...

He was incarcerated at the time of the vote.
In summary, not all anti-EU types are far right MP murdering pondlife, but all far right MP murdering pondlife are anti-EU.

Can the leavers not take this so personally
No one's taking it personally. Just making sure fact doesn't get obscured by childish beliefs.

now then, didn't i ask you to tell us how brexit would affect worker's rights?

get a jaldi on.
You should go on there. With your kids. Maybe you can work things out and get back on speaking terms.
You are funny. You may be a goatfucker, I never have been. You seem to be beyond help, but I don't pity you, I laugh at you. That's all you're good for. being laughed at. Fancy, failed in the Army, failed in civvy street, couldn't run a house clearance business. what are you good for?
You insinuated that those who voted leave were murderers.
If that isn't what you insinuated, explain why you said what you did.
He can't explain anything. He's too stupid.
Didn't expect you to be the white knighting type.
Pointing out someone is talking bollocks isn't white knighting. You button mashing maniac.

I have no liking for any murderer.
@amazing__lobster, pity you deleted a post before I could quote it.
Watching you getting your usernames mixed up is funny.
Are you on meths?
No. His "brain" is fried. He's probably deleted more posts than he's made. The sad failure. Oh, he's a serial liar as well.
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