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While the cluster going on in Parliament is extremely unedifying I have to say I'm very much enjoying the promises of armed insurrection coming from the Arrse Brexit Retiree Force. Armed with shotguns apparently! Not sure how annoying the police with birdshot will help with the coup.
The EU will become all sweetness and light when it comes to negotiating the FTA? The ERG misread the withdrawal process (the easy bit!), and are now asking the country to sleepwalk into the next stage, with a disorderly Brexit. The FTA is the difficult bit! When this turns out to be another mess, what then? Blame the EU? This is not a responsible position for the future of the country.
the fta will not be mired by remainophiles colluding with the eu to keep us in, nor will the Euro have a reason to slant the deal to punish a UK who wished to leave.


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Can't blame them for fighting for their position. They've dug in and defended well.

The entire UK political establishment have, on the other hand..............
Touch pyrrhic though for the EU!?
Hello Nick.
Raclette you say?
As in this raclette perhaps, as in a cheese based grill mixed with other things?
That’s the stuff Barry.

Or yet more evidence of Class A drugs frying your brain?

Try using these old son.

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Never used them myself, never needed to, but they may spare you some blushes perhaps in the future when you commit pen to paper as it were?
As for the rest of your monotonous, monotonal monologue - one can only assume you took a break from your ‘party for one’ last night to post on here. Thrown and funded courtesy of the ‘child bride’ was it?

Have some light reading:

Codependency - Wikipedia
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Roughly the member states get effed by anything adverse at 3x what the UK does.

Reality will sharpen pencils.
Still relying on others to deliver Unicorns? Not the German motor industry?


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3 months extension or the full 21 months?

The extension that was never going to happen.
Can't say I'm not disappointed with this and another example of the politicians ignoring the referendum result that they all claim to 'respect'. The referendum has virtually been consigned to history by the current set of politicians and has hardly rated a mention in the debates of late.

One thing that seems to be becoming more clear is that the country don't really need a government as there has been very little of that in the past two years!
Went out for a meal whilst I was in Edinburgh at the beginning of the week. My girlfriend and I got talking to an American who was in town for a conference. The brief exchange reminded me that we are far closer in culture to our European Neighbors than our cousins across the pond.

I’ve never felt that. Something to do we lack of shared values, language and history etc.

Infact, numerous social scientists would also disagree with you.

Geert Hofstede and Gert Jan Hofstede on culture

You sound like an SNP activists. ‘We have more in common with the French than the rest of the UK’
Highly likely you f*cking retard.

When they start moving towards castle Martin will you be telling us about their supplies there?
Will you be marching to leave?

Plenty of shadily funded swag for the discerning kipper.

Not snappy enough kit for some, but it's a start. The attrition rate might rival Maos long march given the demographic that'll take part.

All for the minor charge of £50. That'll show the elites

march — March to Leave

Being a core marcher means you will receive an official March to Leave kit to help you on the march. These are the items you will receive on the day:

  • Waterproof coat
  • Beanie hat
  • Gloves
  • Water bottle
  • T-Shirt
  • Wristband
  • High visibility blue jacket

To be one of the core marchers you will need to pay a one-off £50 payment via PayPal.

This is to confirm your status as a core marcher, in return you will receive:

  • An official March to Leave kit.
  • If you are marching for the entire march we will provide accommodation, breakfast and dinner free of charge.
  • Fully paid travel once you arrive on the march. This includes transfers to and from the accommodation to both the start and finish points.
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