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I’m sure in your raclette addled mind, that was worth posting. (It wasn’t).
Hello Nick.
Raclette you say?
As in this raclette perhaps, as in a cheese based grill mixed with other things?

Recettes raclette

Too many waffle parties for you methinks, more evidence of the dying art of proof-reading an evidential based submission.

Or yet more evidence of Class A drugs frying your brain?

Try using these old son.

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Never used them myself, never needed to, but they may spare you some blushes perhaps in the future when you commit pen to paper as it were?
Why is it the erg and DUP at fault - they after all are the only groups actually trying to get us out of the EU as per the referendum mandate?

As for the EU, it is complete Bollox for them to say they have bent over backwards when from day one they have been intransigent. Negotiation EU style is EU say "we want...", end of negotiation.
So the brexiters did get benefit from the EU then.... they learnt how they (the brexiters) negotiate


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So the brexiters did get benefit from the EU then.... they learnt how they (the brexiters) negotiate
Brexiteers learned how brexiteers negotiate? I would have thought the brexit negotiators would know that!
I send an email to the Chairman of my local Conservative party this morning outlining my concerns:


I am sure you are receiving many emails like this, but as a lifelong Conservative voter, I feel compelled to write to you as Chairman of the Conservative Association for South West Herts.

I have to say I am completely dismayed by what I have watched unfold since the referendum. It is a travesty of our democracy and it would appear that the Conservative Party has completely misled the electorate having stood on a manifesto which would result in the UK exiting the European Union.

I wrote to David Gauke several weeks ago expressing my concern and I have to say the response I was received was disappointing. David clearly supports remaining in the European Union which was evident from his response, which in fairness reflects the democratic wishes of voters in this constituency.

The issue for me is beyond the results of the referendum. My issue is I can no longer trust our elected politicians or the Conservative Party. The Conservatives can no longer be trusted with my vote and like many life long Conservative voters, I will be seeking a new Political party to trust, and which I feel I can vote for.



The response as a boiler plate email entitled 'Conservative party' but at least it came from his own email account....

On 14 Mar 2019, at 09:48, David Collins <> wrote:

Many thanks for your email and the points you raise are of concern to many.

The party has been through many traumas in its 200 year history and this is certainly one.

I do not believe any politician is bigger than the party. and that Conservative values are still the best for our economy and family prosperity.

The current situation is testing many loyalties but the alternative of State Control offered by the opposition would be even worse.

Best Regards​
David Collins
Chair South West Herts Conservative Association​

My response tonight:


I’m not sure if you have read the Telegraph’s commentary on David Gauke’s vote last night, but if you haven’t I’d be grateful if you could justify his vote to me? I am at a complete loss as to how voting against the government aligns with conservative policy or behaviour?


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