Brexit Phase Two - Trade

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Well you now all those Irish trucks bring Irish agricultural product to the U.K. product that the U.K. needs to feed itself.... the U.K. might just need them

The U.K. imports more food than it exports.

That isn’t a threat or anything and shouldn’t be taken as such.... that is reality. The U.K. needs/wants the EU (and it’s MS) too

Using the landbridge?
UK to remain in Common Transit Convention after Brexit
And Ireland needs the cash.
Post a link.

Perfectly well thank you. Container with furniture arrives next week, studio 70% built, AV room install starts Monday, wine cellar cooling goes in next Friday. Now, I'm off for a morning walk on the beach and a dip in the pool.......thought you might like a photo. I appreciate it's not Edinburgh, but I'll take it.

Full Atmos in your AV room I hope?
Yes, I have many from deal "signing ceremonies". The tradition is the person who signs the binding documents keeps the pen.
After discounting narcissistic personality disorder, I was wondering do you have anything on the personality type that spends so much time on a picture that even the pen is scrutinised ?
Obviously. As it's plainly needed as our current lot can't be trusted to run a bath let alone deliver their manifesto commitments.
Good, that's two of us then...
Trump isn't ******* around. If the EU don't renegotiate with the US, stand by for trouble. As for Varadkar, he obviously didn't know what to say and wisely chose to say very little. That congressional committee is dominated by Democrats. Trump won't care.
But but... I am the EU ;-)

So a prediction of an EU-US trade deal, before or after Trump has gone?

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