Brexit Phase Two - Trade


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I'm sure the ceiling will be raised.

After all, non EU immigration is the right kind of immigration for your average brexiteer.

Isn't it?
Aparrently you lot are wild short of curry chefs. They can’t get the right sort and a lot of the Pro Brexit vote was as a protest against the favourable treatment meted out to those non traditional curry chefs from Europe.


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I'm not. I'm a semi-retired Infantry officer doing a bit of part-time work nowhere near the CS for a bit of fresh air and some physical exercise and a bit of voluntary work, because I'm nice like that.

The trouble for you, it strikes me, is that you've bought a pig in a poke. You were advised not to but you bought it anyway. Now you're beginning to realise it's a bit piggy in a pokeish you're looking for someone to blame.
And yet you constantly come out with statements which appear to be from someone with first hand experience. In the end you are just a bluffer like the rest of us!
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