Brexit Phase Two - Trade

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Says it all. David Davis perchance?
It is not me that is wetting their knickers ovboer the 650 Finance jobs that have left the UK, that would be remainers.
A six month old article? Did you bother looking at the BoA figures then? How about this?

Estlin estimates that somewhere in the region of 5,000 to 10,000 jobs have moved from the U.K. to other European capitals as a result of the U.K.'s Brexit decision.

City of London looks to Asia for a post-Brexit future

I know, you be fah too imohtent to read this stuff.
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I like the idea that getting the brews in is something special...

Also the point that he cannot comprehend some people are paid a high salary because the job they do is busy/demanding.

Frankly if he has time to make his blokes cups of tea and do their job on top of his own, then it suggests the people who manage him are deliberately choosing not to delegate him with certain tasks, so he isn't being employed at full capacity.
Why would we want to delay? You’re chums I’m the CBI keep banging on about uncertainty in the market place.

Worst case scenario is we carry on trading with these country’s as normal Until more tailored and mutual beneficial taste deals can be negotiated.

You seem to be repeating the rhetoric that will cease trading with anybody once we’re out the EU.
We don't carry on trading as normal. How can you still be so misinformed?

You're the one with rhetoric, which doesn't add up BTW, take a break for another week.
Who could possibly want to invest in the UK...

Dairy Crest, whose brands include Cathedral City cheddar and Country Life butter, has agreed to be bought by a Canadian company in a near-£1bn deal.

Saputo, one of the biggest dairy processors in the world, will pay 620p a share, valuing Dairy Crest at £975m.

The deal is Saputo's first in Europe and it said Dairy Crest was an "attractive platform" for UK growth.
Funny how their $ came here rather than going to an EU based business.
We’re These the same financial institutions who were threatening to pull out of Europe completely if the EU got their way?

So project fear has spread a story about financial institutions who are petrified of the EU, leaving the non EU to go to the EU, because the EU is threatening to introduce archaic currency controls whilst allowing the other non EU country’s to operate with the € freely?

After the last banking crash, part of me thinks they can have them.
Take a week off, seriously.
That’s not how the palestinians others see it. A gift of God would involve no bloodshed, unless of course you’re the wrong kind of inhabitant, with the wrong Gods. Just saying like. One justifies the other.

'Muslim' Palestinians aren't terribly devout.
Weddings and funerals 'Religious'


The UK needs a Political reset, now might be a good time to have that Political reset. A mass clearout and implement a structure that puts the UK ahead of any Party or Party Politics.
I’m afraid you’re right. It seems that everyone’s concepts of how a democracy works has been shattered by challenges to Brexit especially the byzantine workings of TFEU signed up to in 1973. It seems the sinecure world of WM politics has led to a drop in the quality of politicians, who like Umunna consider that constituencies outweigh the political mantra. Seems like he stood on an amended manifesto cleared by central office.
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