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Not at all I’m suggesting that the English struggle to live in their own skin with the biggest critics of the the English being the English. I can define Celt just look in the dictionary. Define Englishness if you will ? You will do anything to attack any other country but hate looking though the window of your own front room. Never before has the English nation been so divided. The Scots voted to remain. It’s only the poor parts of wales who supported the leave vote. The poverty stricken parts that would vote for anything if they thought life would change a bit.
Utter rot. The English have always been the most self critical amongst the home nations.
Go & give your head a wobble.
You can add in:

Two more senior Tory MPs facing deselection votes as 'purple momentum' purge gathers pace

Among other things, the Brexit process is forcing a fundamental realignment in British politics.
  • In the Labour party many MP's are increasingly unhappy with the hard-left leadership and the failure to tackle anti-semitisim in the party.
  • In the Tory party, many Brexit supporting activists are unhappy with Remain supporting MPs trying to actively thwart the will of the electorate.
With Farage's new party waiting in the wings and the Limp Dems invisible to the naked eye, we could be seeing the start of a significant upheaval in UK politics.

The two MP's referred to are only Conservative in that they belong to the party. They're liberal rather than conservative in their political beliefs, as demonstrated by their voting records & statements on "social" issues.
Several mentions of the Wehrmacht and it's barely past brekkie.

I predict much more talk of snappy uniforms in the days ahead
Oh dear Bagsnot, getting tired of your horse skin?
The original 12 members probably had more capabilities than the present membership and that expansion was during a period when the russians were a little less belicose as they are today.. My point, is still valid, times change and instead of a long hard renegotiation all we got was new members bolted onto the side of our unhappy vehicle and all that plate is overloading the engines patience (USA).

The EU and a Protectionist Trade were frightened of departing, China, Digital, Globalisation and the fashion for reducing militaries to the barebones are all what I would call fundamental changes to the status quo. But, we are ruled by things our grandfathers inked 70 years ago?
Unless there is a 'time expiry' clause on the treaty or their grandchildren chose to tear them up or amend them, then 'yes'.


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At last.... The first fruits of brexit are finally ripening.
It is going to be a salutary reminder to the more ardent Remain supporters representing Brexit supporting seats that actions have consequences.

In this instance the electorate reached a democratic decision. Trying to modify the WA in a constructive way would be entirely legitimate. Trying to obstruct and derail Brexit because you don't agree with it is a different matter. And now a few chickens are coming home to roost.

Unless there is a 'time expiry' clause on the treaty or their grandchildren chose to tear them up or amend them, then 'yes'.
I recall a famous quote about german officers never break their oath, to explain the failure to turf hitler out of power... Then you read, they did that very thing when turfing the kaiser out of power in the first. Oaths, Treaties are still subject to a certain level of common sense. The moment you start imparting some kind of holy writ to them, things go very bad.
I stand corrected.

That's me, that is.

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I wonder if others will follow?

Some of those resigning have done so because Labour hasn't thrown its weight behind Remain, despite representing constituencies that voted Leave.
Hopefully their constituencies will split the Remain/handouts vote at the next GE, allowing someone who actually represents their views to be elected.
remember some folk believe I'm impoverished because I don't own an X-station and three teles. Not a pair of the latest 'snazzy' trainers.

Its the great socialist scam - relative poverty.

A Romania facility who owns a TV is 'well off'.
in the UK, if each of your kids hasn't got a 55" TV, your are 'poor'
Remember when you said all our planes would be grounded?
That fact that you do shows that your dosage needs cutting, it's giving you hallucinations.

Pitch up at East Midlands airport with your "wit" eh? Sad to see you go full Kevin but there you go.
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