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Serious question for the silly schoolgirl @amazing__lobster / @Bagl0ck what do you get out of hitting the dumb button?
It simply confirms you are pathetic and stupid.
And all the other posters on here don't need the confirmation.
I see you got your answer in five minutes. Blobster must be taking time off.
If true great news. Perhaps a proper tory party will emerge from the ashes of the TM abomination.

'Purple Momentum' Tory activists planning deselection ambushes before Brexit day
seems some in the party thought their seat was theirs until they felt like retiring...

Former ministers Nick Boles and Anna Soubry said a ‘purple Momentum’ was gaining control of some local Conservative associations and leaving their sitting MPs facing the threat of deselection.

i [Anna] spoke to a colleague of mine and he was telling me that he is now being threatened with deselection because he voted for the Prime Minister’s deal.

‘In his association they have had 80 new members in about 80 days and they are all ex-Ukip members, they are not Conservatives.
Tory Remainers warn party is being infiltrated by 'purple Momentum' | Daily Mail Online

If 80 people can cause a deselect, with his association isn't very big or there is more folk vexed with him.

who'd have thought democracy would be so unpopular with the political elite...
It was discussed on Monday, according to the article

Barnier, who will meet Corbyn on Thursday, also told diplomats that during a dinner with Stephen Barclay, the Brexit secretary, on Monday, the British cabinet minister had pressed the need for a legal guarantee of being able to exit the backstop or a time-limit on the customs union it envisages.
Somehow, I am not convinced 'Pressed' is clear enough... We need some leverage and at the moment are refraining from even suggesting consequences that are clear, precise and designed to hurt the EU.
I foresee this sort of thing happening in a certain bedsit somewhere on the morning of Saturday 30th March.

You have a very fertile imagination Harry, which in your circumstances is probably essential


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