Brexit Phase Two - Trade

The post was directed at @Brotherton Lad, who could be considered ever so slightly more pro EU than yourself, and perhaps able to offer a 'Remainer' perspective.

Thanks for your predictable response, though.

Hang on. Only just back home, I have a day job on Tuesdays.

I'm pro-EU in as far as I'm not sufficiently eurosceptic to think leaving worth the wasted time, money and emotion. The lack of progress to date suggests that's a common view in Whitehall and Westminster, too.
Is 300 years of HMG Foreign Policy your only reason to wish for the prevention of a USE?

Has the relationship between member states (and the UK) really remained the same in hundreds of years?

There are different reasons that some nations may have to not want to be involved, but ancient history shouldn't be the main one.
I don't especially have a wish to prevent a USE. It's that I don't see it happening any time soon and think the prospect of it has been exaggerated so as to create a bogeyman for the man on the Clapham omnibus.

Even if it were to happen it would not include the UK and several of the other 'outer' states, so there would probably, in some distant future, be an inner and outer structure (or a two-speed Europe or a balance of power in older terminology).

As for ancient history I agree that the UK's policies are designed to secure our shared values with our European partners but am not aware of any particular FCO concerns about a USE.

(Not that any concerns would be published in such a document.)

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