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Again, it makes little sense. What sort of question is 'Crack?' How does that, I wonder, fit into or with your mangled English sentence: 'Crack's like that I've heard.'

No real need to answer. Just idle musing on my part... I'm not really interested.
He has a certain tedious and patronising manner about him at times, which is a pity because he can be both entertaining and incisive.
Each to their own mate. The most incisive I've seen him be is 'we'll see'. Perma troll and not one I'll be engaging with again.
Who knows but it certainly can't hurt can it?
David Lammy doesn’t need any fiscal persuasion judging by his near daily twatter propaganda.

That goes for the weasel Owen Jones too, he’s just a snowflake journo that calls anyone a fascist that disagrees with him.

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I think I hit a nerve of Mrs @Bagl0ck she is going through every one of my posts and bashing the mong button
It is just her 'brain game'... she believes it enhances her mental acuity and somehow gives her a winning edge over those who challenge her views, or otherwise disagree with her. Either take no notice or play the silly game with her. She likes that as any attention is better than no attention.
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