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Your word of the day? It must be... it appears in each of your last three posts. I am impressed... no, truly I am.
Brevity. At last. Champ.
I would suggest you look at places which tried to strip away faith in exceptionalism and what happens to them.. The German Empire was once separate states, which were proud of their uniqueness and were absorbed into a realm led by the militaristic Prussians OR the Invented countries of Africa of multiple tribes which means none of those states have any social capital.

The two examples are where a multi-state union becomes more of a danger and the other example is artificiality does not create loyalty.
And to this day the Bavarians view the 'Prussians' with suspicion and vice versa. It's a bit like the English/Scottish thing.

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Chaos spurs advancement.
Not necessarily. Sometimes tearing down the temple whilst you are still living in it turns out to be a really stupid idea.

Especially if it starts raining.
You don't need numbers these days, you need presence in the information space.

And that’s how we got a Trump.
The Democrats believed they had the moral high ground and didn’t weaponise social media and the power of nightmares like he did.
Good point. Let me think about that again SPotY...

Right, I have thought. Yes, it is precisely what I think. I'll sit back now and count the number of those who pop up to say they do take anything you say seriously.
I take everything Mrs Baggy says seriously

This statement is not true in any way at all
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