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Because 1.5 million extra people are eligible to vote now

It’s right and proper THEY should shoukd have a chance to second call a vote over two years ago?
Would you like me to post your message?

Once again, as if there were any doubt, you would be exposed as the liar that you are.
Have some respect you curr! He invented the internet and has an ology in Europeanism.

Only utter bounders would suggest he's a perpetual student who sends begging letters in the apparent confusion arrse is actually linkdin.
Andrew Percy suggests a stitch up by remainers. PMTP says he is right to air his concerns about that.

Meanwhile Owen Smith makes accusations about uncertainty affecting Sterling. PMTM responds that calls for second referendum and for general election are bound to affect it.

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Latest from Dublin Government on May in HoC

Apparently one of the govt ministers expressed surprise when told she may be coming over to see Varadker.
‘Why’? Was the response.


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Two hours in and the questions are getting a bit repetitive and in some instances personal attacks on the pm which Bercow seems ok with.

However, after all this time she has changed tune not one not. Still going to Brussels with the WA, which she wants, and will supposedly ask the EU to change. That agreement, brought back without the backstop might pass, provided the EU haven't just substituted one unacceptable issue with another!

May is like a rabbit caught in car headlights and unable to move.


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I did a couple of undergraduate modules by remote learning, which is manageable, but can't imagine doing an MSc remotely. The pace of an MSc (in my opinion) makes it more difficult than a PhD in some ways.
I got my MSc part time. Thankfully the Navy gave me every Tuesday off to work on it.


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May is like a rabbit caught in car headlights and unable to move.
Interestingly, although May has looked a right chimp in the debate, it's also going to present Corbyn with a problem. All the opposition parties - with the exception of the DUP - have now said they''ll support a vote of no confidence in May.

Corbyn is going to come under pressure to table one - which he'll lose as the DUP will support the Tories.


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