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The spartans I do not like, but no denying they were absolutely nails. Xenophon was very fond and he was as good as you get back then. The women were considered by all the ancient world as the most beautiful and alicibides proved, a man with democratic principles can run amok in a closed world which worships masculinity.
The Spartans were also the catalyst for the formation of modern Greece. After the 300 immolated themselves at Thermopylae, the varying city states came to realise they were stronger combining into a larger state.

The difference between that and the putative USE is that the Greek city states combining into a larger entity had popular support.



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That's exactly what she needs put forward when she meets with the 4th Reich tomorrow, adjust you deal to suit the UK or the next PM will be a brexiteer and you will be looking at a No Deal.
Always a good one. Liike the Japanese training the Kamikaze pilots to explode on take off.
A masterful plan.
Except for one thing, it doesn’t look like there’s a brexiter who wants the job.. They still seem to be having trouble getting to the 48.
Entirely miss the point... People were told when we joined the common market and I am chuffed that brotherton has accepted that the government lies to the people.
I am chuffed that you are chuffed if it makes you feel better about your day.
What has changed to justify a second referendum ? you can't simply hold one everytime the polls are more favourable and neither can you have one simply because something is hard.

You need to find a pretext ? as May is delivering her manifesto pledge.
I'm still (at least currently) not in favour of a second referendum, but what has changed is that the Brexit which is on offer is nowhere near the one that was promised.


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Do you not understand that English sovereignty is very speshul and better than all other foreign sorts?
Indeed! They think it covers other Countries, Principalities and Regions in their immediate neighbourhood!
So what's Remains cunning plan to deal with the wide scale civil unrest and threats against leading Remainers who will be widely seen as 'traitors'?
Wide scale civil unrest?

The death ride of the geriatric kippers?

Like the ERGs furious letter writing, such a scenario won't be more than a damp squib
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