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And that attitude of weakness is why another nation, or larger union will always run rings around people like you.... Nothing wrong with Co-operative, or soft power where there is mutual respect, but if its all one sided then you are an idiot to act weakly.

The EU made clear its contempt for brexit and that contempt meant soft power was never going to work.
Nobody’s acting weakly. This whole thing about defeating Europe and various other WW2 folk and false memories is a nonsense.

We aren’t at war with Europe, they’re our neighbours and trading partners.
If we are getting rings run round us it’s probably because we have a bunch of if not incompetents, certainly people whose ambition outstrips their ability. Attempting to deliver what obviously cannot be delivered.

The whole brexit thing was won on a drip feed of lies over forty years and a campaign full of deceit. Half the people who voted made clear their contempt for brexit.
Europe stopped being amused some time ago.


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The micks are about to encounter reality
Like Europe I suppose.
They’ll probably wince at us shooting ourselves in the foot. Like any half decent human beings.

I don’t see the point in all this. We’re going suffer. But everyone else is going to suffer too. Yeah. That’ll teach them.

Two and a half years of this drivel. And yet, not one glimmer of a brexit benefit.
Do we get an end to austerity, food banks, aid for or disaffected areas.
An upturn in trade, industry, a better future for our children. Housing for our people.

No. We hear, Ireland’s going to be taught a lesson.
Pathetic, I’ve heard it called English exceptionalism but that’s an insult to the English.
It’s brexitism bullshit pure and simple.

Iain Duncan Smith said that ‘an economic downturn is a price worth paying for restoration of national freedom.
It’s the sort of shite you’d expect to get from Robespierre or Lenin. Individuals must make sacrifices for the common good.
Expansion - Left us more isolated on the continent as a result.
QMV - Was a redline which we should never have allowed to pass.
Reform - The EU still hasn't had their accounts audited and passed.
Defence - Is a matter for NATO and the EU shouldn't get a look in.
Foreign - What a load of rubbish, the External action service work for the commission.

We have achieved nothing in the EU and they have been leading us by the nose. But, your right of course I don't expect us to influence anyone outside, as our government is spineless... But leaves an opening for a future government to actively work against the commission.

All the talk and if we had stayed in, then any more of your victories and we would all be speaking French.
Oh dear. back to posting drivel
The politicians in this country are a bucket of slimy toads... The EU have been protecting you from them for forty years.

A PM who thinks that faith healing works and that purgatory is good enough for us all...acting as though swimming through her own excrement is an achievement and well deserved! Refusing to restore the chaotic mess that is Britain to pre-referendum stability. As they place kindle around the ugly Joan of Arc caricature, she drones on and on, completely blind to the possibility of escape, a place in history is all that matters.
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