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I doesn't matter one iota if Dublin or Berlin have the same say..I don't want Dublin anywhere near the legislative powers regarding my country.

The Irish government have screamed for months about the IRA and violence surrounding potential checkpoints.. I'm sure there's a lot of people in Unionist area's of NI wondering what the fcuks the point of sticking to the GFA and the ceasefire now if it all comes out about the draft text rumours being true.
You aren’t seriously threatening to mobilise The Welders UDA coke squad.......
Can you prove your contentions? You have asked for evidence saying the CS are running the show, implying they ain't. Can you evidence that?
Take, for example, TELIC 1. Clare Short announces that her Department is to do no planning for anything other than "helping refugees fleeing the war zone". No planning is done. Post-invasion plans? What post-invasion plans?

Or perhaps, TELIC 1. MoD is instructed that no preparatory logistics moves are to be done for TELIC 1, because that would imply that MoD had "already decided on war, in advance of a Commons vote". British troops suffered from a logistics nightmare.

Maybe even TELIC 1. The Foreign Office and Intelligence Services are given a stiff ignoring by No.10, and we're told of "45 minutes to CW release", etc, etc.

I very much doubt that the top bods in MoD and FO were anti-war, or desirous of screwing up British troops; in fact, the allegations against top Civil Servants was that they were too willing to do the bidding of politicians...

In another Brexit thread, you yourself have argued that Blair was able to override his Civil Servants to the extent of starting a war (link). You can't have it both ways.
Good heavens man, even Tony Blair is in on the open secret, having today tweeted:

"I take my hat off to Olly Robbins, Olly is a very skilled guy, the elaborate camouflage of all the different points is a tribute to the skill of the British civil service, I say that sincerely."
At least others give credit to the source of their lies. It's Harry Cole "quoting" Blair on Chequers.
What's not to like:
Guh, guh, guh, guh:
True but add to that 15% all the countries that the U.K. currently has FTAs with (and would continue to have) via the EU
.......again that depends on the temporary nature of the inclusion, moreover the nature of the regulations work both ways, course Frontex has this all worked out don't they? This is what you lot don't get not having controls to facilitate the trade means that failures can't be controlled until it's too late. So in effect, the EU has rules, that are our rules as well and neither side can regulate them. The BBC has a field day in "investigative reporting" that's been an open secret for 20 odd years. Trebbles all round.
Now, see, only idiots would put shit like that on a giant big red bus and later run away from it shouting "nothing to do with me!"

The whole brexiteer campaign promises should've come with a big * next to them for all the terms and conditions. Spine less, nonsense spewing ******* who can't stand by their bold claims.
You have heard of photoshop in the US?
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