Brexit Phase Two - Trade

Guido rather a little optimistic to include Rabb in the list.

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Probably loved up on eccies.
There’s either trouble or relatives.
In this case it’s the DUP. No doubt they’re all practising their favourite word.
This from elsewhere
Without reading the deal, Boris Johnson "It's vassal state stuff. For the first time in 1000 years, this parliament will not have a say over the laws that govern this country. It is utterly unacceptable and it has a kicker - we will not have protected our precious Union".

Now does this mean that Brexit was sold on a fib and we always had sovereignty even as members of the Eu. (As most remainers thought)
It’s going to be an entertaining evening.
BoJo's tired and emotional....doesn't what he's saying....
So the words of a racist Fenian mischief maker hold more sway with you. What a revelation.
Fintan O'Toole......"Fenian racist".......

Yes, that's the sort of dumb take that brings me back to ARRSE when I think I've finally escaped her succulent clutches...
How does this new Euro army sit with the neutral countries, boggies particularly?
So the words of a racist Fenian mischief maker hold more sway with you. What a revelation.
<snigger> You're blinded by your anger. Lillico's words are the important bit.
Look lads, if it makes all this easier, in the end we'll get what we want....10 years....50....100 doesn't matter and you'll be free, finally free of those mad lads in Norn Iron forever......just think about it and give us ring when you're ready....

Cheers champ. Failed on the ignore again, been on the whine?
"I know, I'll post an up to the minute article from the Gruniad. These Arrsers will surely change their point of view. Winner!!!
Quislings halfwits.
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