Brexit Phase Two - Trade

Even if I accepted some of what you say, are you suggesting nobody who voted remain doesn't think the same. I find it rather sad, your desperate efforts to constantly introduce identity politics into everything and suggest bad in your mind, motives, for peoples reasons in voting out.
Identity politics?!?

All the rantings against immigrants on here branding foreigners firmly in the 'other' bracket define the ID politics seen
Immigrants aren't necessarily at the bottom.

I know plenty who are doing very well.

They are far above you and your racist outlook.
Examples of my racist outlook?
My opinion is that you are far too obsessed by immigrants.

If someone is constantly telling you that the people at the bottom are the problem, you should recognise that you are being manipulated from the top.
You think that immigrants are 'people at the bottom'? You need to get out more.


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I've just watched the Blair on BBC News berate May for getting Brexit out of the way at any cost.

Oh the hypocrisy, from the man who got the Northern Ireland problem out of the way at any cost.
You think that immigrants are 'people at the bottom'? You need to get out more.
The Romanian woman on £444/mth might disagree
Are you asking me to do your homework?
Posting a source is hardly the same as demanding an essay. You said it was rubbish, my mistake for assuming you had read or were at all familiar with the issue.

Despite your misgivings he is a legal expert and is advising that Article 50 can be reversed. It's not proven but that is good evidence for the point I made.
Guess what if there is ever a trade deal between the U.K. and EU (outside of any customs deal).... a lot of those regulations & laws (which currently apply and according to what is reported will in the future).... will still apply

If you want to trade with the EU
Well let's see when the Euro goes belly up shall we?:mrgreen:

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