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Definitely. Not a single toss given here. Gammon away. As long as it is UK gammon not "sourced in the EU'.
Soz - specific poster, not a generic label.
It would appear May has no legal right to withhold the full legal advice from her Cabinet.

May's crunch cabinet meeting over Brexit deal delayed amid row
One cabinet source said the prime minister had indicated at Tuesday’s cabinet meeting that only a summary of the legal advice – underpinning the final backstop proposal – would be made available to its members.

The source said that Michael Gove challenged her and demanded the full legal advice be provided to ministers, prompting concern in Downing Street as to how to respond.

The ministerial code makes clear that where legal advice was attached to cabinet papers “the conclusions may if necessary be summarised but, if this is done, the complete text of the advice should be attached”.
Which further increases the smell of fish around May's actions. She's got something to hide.

I entirely agree with your last point, but then she is UK law enforcement's biggest obstacle.
Feck aye, she's done more damage to the forces of law and order than most. It was of course party policy and those tax cuts always need to come from somewhere.

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