Brexit Phase Two - Trade

Civil war?....bring it on baby! The battle of brexit...Two divisions of limping geriatrics supported by the corps of senile crackpots. If only the fools could explain exactly what they are fighting for!
No, but if we've left and are not in the SM or CU, they would have no choice. Corbyn is an ardent Leaver.
Quite. But that would be dependent on leaving the SM/CU. Which, when last I looked, was not the Labour plan (the word "plan" being a euphemism for " we will say whatever it takes to get votes")
Imagine how much if she'd stayed...
The spice girls did it right.

They rode the fame train for as long as possible and got off at the last sensible moment.

They weren't going to go much further, when you're in a band aimed at tween girls you have a limited shelf life. No one wants to be told 'girl power' by someone as old as your mum. Which I believe Geri was at the start :rofl:
Here is a newer link, you are supposed to be good with numbers

Yip, she is still worth a few quid

You've missed the point. Both links say is worth the same amount - 40 million, but the first link provides a list of year early earnings, and it doesn't have anything as earned since 2007 (I'm guessing substantial earnings this refers too), and that was a re-release of an album from her SG days...

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