Brexit Phase Two - Trade

Was your bottom lip wobbling and tears welling while you typed that diatribe?
It sounds like you're describing D Davis as he came up with his cunning plan, more cunning.....
your white-knighting is admirable but pointless. I merely pointed out that not all countries in the eu27 would be happy with an independent Scotland being marshalled in. @Graculus got all e excited about espania.

personally I was being general in my terms of reference. It is you two getting in a larger about Spain.

That is all, good knight.

Big pictures don't make you look any less of a throbber on this one. I'd post a picture of a shovel if I could be arsed.
Please elaborate...

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What he meant to say is "I talk the same kind of bollocks that Brigden does."
I wonder who could be the source of these threats/rumours <snigger> BTW David, the military are spectacularly bad at the political game.


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I’ve flown into knock. It’s not the end of the world but you can see it from there ( when it’s not obscured by the driving rain) . The ground handling staff were nice though, I think I was the first customer that week. ( it was Tuesday).
Do they still have to avoid the statue at the end of the runway on entry and exit?
The US-EU trade deal that wasn’t | Global Trade Magazine

Found this which takes the view Juncker outmaneuvered the Orange one.

Brexit being a faith-based project, don’t suppose this will convince him. No doubt DD would have done much better...

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Think it was more of a stand off with each being given something that they could sell to the gullible. PhotEx and his ilk are ten a penny.
Civil war?....bring it on baby! The battle of brexit...Two divisions of limping geriatrics supported by the corps of senile crackpots. If only the fools could explain exactly what they are fighting for!

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