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My wife was a lifelong supporter of us Jocks, right up to the time I took her there to visit.

The hostility she experienced soon put that shit to bed.
I'm an Anglo Scot, brought up supporting Scotland and Celtic, my first posting to Leuchars at age 17 sharp sorted out out which side of the border my loyalty lies. :D
Teresa May must go! - the EU leaders clearly have zero respect for her and know that they can do or say anything to her and she will simply cave in again.
Make no mistake, Oily Robbins, Tony Blair, Clegg, Hammond, Major etc are all actively working for the enemy to undermine the UKs negotiating position to either force a second referendum through sheer voter apathy or exhaustion or to try to stretch this out to the next GE where ALL of the mainstream political parties will ensure Brexit is either massively watered down (BRINO) or completely reversed in their manifestos.
If the stupid, useless, incompetent, arrogant, Oily Robbins sock puppet that is our current PM truly has agreed to delay Brexit by yet another year then there is now no excuse for the Tory party to not get rid of her and hold a leadership election - the current excuse of not enough time goes completely out of the window!
Even remainers need the UK to have a strong leader who has at least a modicum of respect from other national leaders and someone in charge who is prepared to put up a fight and present a confident front to the outside world. The current incumbent is a laughing stock and a national embarrassment and the only person who could conceivably be worse would be Jeremy Corbyn!
Respect works both ways
What hostility?

I call bullshit!
We were a group of 8, male/female partners given the nod by a doorman to access into a 'private party' lock in above a pub.

As we trooped through, all smiles and offering thanks, Mrs Gleebles was ahead of me, tail end Charlie.

It was like the scene in the Great Escape.

Mrs Gleebles "Thanks".

Bouncer "You're English? OUT!".

Dan Gleebles, knowing doormen are like referees, never ones to change their mind, "let's go, honey".

Gen dit.
Is that like being brain damaged?

I fear for your mental health. Although no surprise you've obviously annoyed someone in the real world. You should go to the police. Don't forget to let them know they've been making phone calls from your phone and emails from your email address, you drunken mess.
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I find this attitude, also expressed by many others, hypocritical.

Those in the UK who want 'independence' from the EU, despite potential negative consequences (at least in the short term, but of course we'll have to 'wait and see') = good: why wouldn't we want to do that because we're worldly-wise, savvy folk.

Those in Scotland who want 'independence' from the UK, despite potential negative consequences (at least in the short term, but of course we'll have to 'wait and see') = bad: what a bunch of woad-wearing idiots.

Edit; accuracy of support
If the SNP had let the English have a vote, they would have won
Scotland's EU membership the EU don't even know how to do that.
Been covered lots, the last time about a year ago.

"Ms Minor was then asked if Scotland would be prioritised in the accession process to the EU.

She added: "I think, obviously, there are some things that would facilitate that process, namely that Scotland would at a previous point have been aligned with the European acquis.

"So it would have a familiarity with European processes, it would probably still have on its statute books a fair amount of European rules, which would mean it was starting from a point different from other applicant countries, who normally have to go through the entire process of aligning their rules with European rules."

'No reason' independent Scotland would fail to join EU

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