Brexit Phase Two - Trade

Shouldn't you be making a doctors appointment about your dementia?

Accusing me of making calls from your mobile number? To arrange house clearances? Texting you cock sucker around the time I was in Delirium? From an English rather than 32 number I assume? Screaming that I must defend myself on this thread? (whilst I'm on the town with friends) Sending emails from your hotmail account? Replying to you about your appointment? I would say its time to involve the police but it sounds like MI5 are already involved.

You disgusting drunken mess, you need help.
Wriggle away failure. What would be the purpose of suing a pauper?
NI will not be leaving the Union anytime soon. There's a slight problem of the Republic not being able to finance to 10 billion quid grant we currently receive from London.
Any time soon is variable.
I think that the problem is wider than Brexiteer exceptionalism as you descibe it and probably has some roots in the domination of the UK by London and the South East.
Which isn't going to change in the near future.
Mind you, the Slovaks didn't cough up the wherewithal themselves.
That's how it works, EU invests, economy grows and become contributor....long range projects, there's a novel idea.
I do care. Despite how I feel against the halfwits that want independence.
I know enough Scots and Irish that are savvy enough to enjoy the union, I've served alongside them, and, as has been proven, they had voted to remain part of the union.
The stupid still have it in their heads that the brexit vote was regional AND that their vote meant that they wanted to stay in the EU.
Fortunately, there are still enough sensible scots. I can't say the same about NI, I think it's a matter of time and having served there for 8 years a United Ireland would be better for all concerned. Having said that, if they want to stick with the UK, I'm happy with that too.
Your arguments for leaving the EU could well match those of nats wanting to leave the Union. They say the government they get doesn't reflect who they voted for.
Scotland wouldn't... for starters it would have to join. That takes time.
Another one who doesn't read. It already complies with the aquis, is already a member and would probably be fast tracked. I don't see it happening but it depends on how badly the government handle this, they're certainly giving Sturgeon enough ammunition.

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