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A sea of Gammon:
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Wah, wah, wah............
I agree with Pantsdown:


I'd be well chuffed if I had these on my side.
The mental of remainers gets weirder by the hour:
This is one of your more amusing posts.

I concede there is an overlap with the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.
ah of course it was Czechoslovakia wasn't it. But the point still remains
Are you also set in aspic in June 2016? The world moves on.
well I am amused that the UK has to trigger a 50 before the much vaunted EU trade deals suddenly appear. Is it possible that the UK may not have liked what they have done.
Having never given it too much thought and having seen heard and listened to some of the brexit loonies over the last couple of years.

It’s still looking really attractive, thanks for asking.

He may have missed the elections in the UK, France, Germany, Austria and Italy. There were probably a few others, too.


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It has shown itself to be venal, unhelpful, unreconstructed and totally undemocratic and fixated on a punitive approach to the UK. Nice to know how valued we were.

In my opinion.
What a horrible place. I’d be out of there like a shot if I felt like that about it.

I’ve said this before the Eu have gone from being bewildered then exasperated to just annoyed. But then you knew this


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Not sure if this has been posted before, but it is an interesting perspective:

There’s only one way forward for Theresa May: keep Britain in the customs union | Coffee House

  1. Forget about having any clue when we leave about the nature and structure of the UK’s future trading relationship with the EU. The government heads of the EU27 have rejected Chequers. Wholesale. And they regard it as far too late to put in place the building blocks of that future relationship before we leave on 29 March 2019. So any Political Declaration on the future relationship will be waffly, vague and general. It will be what so many MPs detest: a blind Brexit. The PM may say that won’t happen. No one here (except perhaps her own Downing St team) believes her.
  2. The earliest date for a deal on Brexit terms – that vacuous Political Declaration and the Withdrawal Agreement – is now the Council in mid December. But even that date may prove too challenging.
  3. The gulf between the EU27 and May, as you know, is over how to keep open the Northern Ireland border. There is no chance of the EU abandoning its insistence that there should be a backstop – with no expiry date – of Northern Ireland, but not Great Britain, remaining in the Customs Union and the single market. That would involve the introduction of the commercial border in the Irish Sea that May says must never be drawn.
  4. All efforts therefore from the UK are aimed at putting in place other arrangements to make it impossible for that backstop to be introduced.
  5. Her ruse for doing this is the creation of another backstop that would involve the whole of the UK staying in something that looks like the customs union.
  6. But she feels cannot commit to keeping the UK in the customs union forever, because her Brexiter MPs won’t let her. So it does not work as a backstop. And anyway the Article 50 rules say that the Withdrawal Agreement must not contain provisions for a permanent trading relationship between the whole of the UK and the EU. Which is a hideous Catch 22.
  7. There is a solution. She could ignore her Brexiter critics and announce the UK wanted written into the Political Declaration – as opposed to the Withdrawal Agreement – that we would be staying permanently in the customs union. This is one bit of specificity the rest of the EU would allow into the Political Declaration. And it could be nodded at in the Withdrawal Agreement.
  8. But if she announces we are staying in the Customs Union she would be crossing her reddest of red lines because she would have to abandon her ambition of negotiating free trade deals with non-EU countries. Liam Fox would be made redundant.
  9. She knows, because her Brexit negotiator Olly Robbins has told her, that her best chance – probably her only chance of securing a Brexit deal – is to sign up for the customs union.
  10. In its absence, no-deal Brexit is massively in play.
  11. But a customs-union Brexit deal would see her Brexiter MPs become incandescent with fury.
  12. Labour of course would be on the spot, since its one practical Brexit policy is to stay in the Customs Union.
  13. This therefore is May’s Robert Peel moment. She could agree a Customs Union Brexit and get it through Parliament with Labour support – while simultaneously cleaving her own party in two.
  14. It is a Customs Union Brexit, or leave the EU without a deal.
  15. Which will May choose? Ultimately this is her choice, and hers alone. It is her moment in history.

I'm not sure that I agree with point 13. above - Labour could equally split on the issue because those Labour MPs that voted for May would be seen as voting against a confidence vote leading to an early General Election. I've just come back from a week in Northern Ireland and I detected no indications whatsoever that the DUP were going to back down.
The highlight would be an improvement it’s already cleaved in three thanks to the ERG, Four if you include the DUP.

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