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Biggest protest turnout in a decade.

Although Iraq war protests were larger and look at what that achieved...
A march in support of Scottish independence has seen tens of thousands of people take to the streets of Edinburgh.
Organisers said more than 100,000 people attended, making the event the “biggest ever” in support of the cause.

Police Scotland said the local authority estimates 20,000 people took part.
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Quite. :) therefore

Apparently I haven't fully check this but... since the Scotland Act of 1707 that created the UK England legally hasn't had a capital city. Thanks to the various acts of Devolution Scotland and then Wales do have legal Capital cities. However as there was no devolution for England, England doesn't have a Capital City. Just like England doesn't have a National Anthem either.
Oh what a surprise. Thanks for underlining my point. Just ask what the Capital of the U.K. is, the rest is just a salve
Remoaners have so many traits in common with a wife in an abusive telationship who won’t leave because they think things might be worse.
Imagine having to listen to your bluffing day in day out...
This ‘People’s vote’ is the ultimate hypocrisy.

On the one hand they claim to be standing up for democracy... marching to overturn a vote that didn’t go their way.
Your understanding of democracy isn't very good is it? They're allowed to do this.
For the same reason as France and Italy will. They have actually said they will block Scotland to discourage their own independence factions.
I know, damned facts.
Do you do selective reading? We'll not be a part of the EU. They'll still have their own separatists no matter what and they're hardly demanding the the FRY is reconstituted are they?

If you'd bothered pitching up on the Scottish independence thread and were able to read more than five bolded words at a time you'd know a bit more about this. The Spanish cannot be seen to be preventing an independent country joining the EU, nor will the Commission allow them them to on the basis you're arguing.

How are the Czech and Slovak Republics are getting on?

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