Brexit Phase Two - Trade

Read the comments....we're not alone in thinking that.
See what you mean now. Apart from the comments reflecting the revulsion I feel, I like the comments that show the parents up as idiots:

Child abuse:
Does this mean that our very own Dr Mengele will want them dead too
After sending the undertakers round to me, he seems to have gone absent. The failed Belgian loonybin experiment.
Ah, there you are. How's the house clearance business?
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I seem to remember people saying it "could" be used on the NHS as once we're free from the shackles of the EU, we'd be free to spend the money how we see fit.
‘Could’ - disingenuousness in the extreme.

How’s that working out anyway. Firstly the number was bollocks - gross vs net - secondly, lost potential growth already exceeds the mythical figure ( google foo gives figures between 200 and 500 million a week)

That’s before you leave...

Facts vs feelings, the circular Remain / Leave argument

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it seems he wished to force other countries as well as UK, and not just the NHS.

If it is true that US patients, and their insurance companies, are subsidising pharma R&D then it's pretty reasonable to expect everyone to chip in the same.

Of course the various customers are free to use US pharma companies. Or not...

thanks for playing.
But it’s ONLY the UK who will be begging for a deal - any deal - immediately after crashing out. Who do you think will be ‘holding all the cards’? Exceptional England?

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Two traits have become apparent on this thread.

Over confidence from one side and self loathing on the other.
You've missed my 'I have no idea what's going on, don't read newspapers and don't listen to news, get all info, real or otherwise from ARRSE, is incapable of self-loathing and is confident that I'm probably wrong'.
Absolute true story - I went out with @LouiseTimlin for over 2 years back in the 90s. That’s so freaky

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She indoctrinated you as well? :)

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