Brexit Phase Two - Trade

What, the iceberg?
Either or. If anything had been to EU secs the Titanic would not have sunk and peace would have reigned in Europe and Ireland. There would not have been a cold war either.
£350 million a week, wasn’t it?

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Well is it not 350 million a week that it equates to roughly? Probably more considering they keep throwing the hand out claiming money from the black market.
It’s rumoured there’s a quote somewhere with someone from the DUP saying ‘We’ll thrive after brexit. We built the Titanic’.
To be fair it wasn't us who sunk it.
What's your effing problem with the English?

Can't wait for this, with ditties of 'how poor working class white people gave their lives to defend the haters'.
Can you imagine the sequel, 'The Irish, a proper untermensch'
BREXIT BOMBSHELL: UK to be trapped in EU customs union - May DROPS key demand
THERESA May is to cave into Brussels’ demands and drop one key Irish border issue that could leave the UK shackled to the EU in a bid to speed up the Brexit talks, sources familiar with the talks have revealed.



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Can't wait? It's been on for a couple of weeks already I think!
I've only just seen an ad for it as I don't watch live tv much.
Remoaners have so many traits in common with a wife in an abusive telationship who won’t leave because they think things might be worse.
Oh, mental, you mean.

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