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From your link. Open Europe are generally fairly realistic in their analysis, flagging the good along with the bad.

In other words, if properly handled, a hard Brexit will have an insignificant negative impact on the UK's growth.

Although to be fair, we will probably grow a little faster if we do secure a trade deal.

But strangely enough, the sky won't fall in after a hard Brexit.

OK. Lets go for that. Given the way its been handled so far. Only a complete fantasist is going to think it's going to be handled well in the future. What makes you think a hard Brexit is a good idea and how come you seem to be the only one who thinks it will have an insignificant impact on UK growth.
The reasons probably quite simple, the Brexiters will probably have a whole lot of new and really foreign foreigners to blame for not acquiescing to their demands.

(us going for a crash out. should we complain to the eu for what happens after a hard Brexit. Expect to hear the words Sod and Off)

Edit. The sky won't fall in after a hard Brexit. I didn't see that on a bus.
Spot on:
It's cute really. Rather than use their usual ARRSE account, they've created one just to reply to me. I'm flattered, the last time a poster acted like this was back in the days of Pentwyn.
Never understood the need for sock accounts for some people.
Enjoyers of Continental holidays rejoice; apparently EU passports are available to all! With intellectual powerhouses like AB in the government, what could possibly go wrong.

' "As an English person, I do have the right to go over to Ireland and I believe that I can ask for a passport. Can't I?" he said. After being reminded that this has absolutely nothing to do with his rights as an English person, Bridgen stated: "There's a reciprocal agreement where I can go to Ireland and ask for an Irish passport and someone from Ireland can come to the UK and ask for a British passport. We have that system. That's the system we have, isn't it?" Bridgen then reaffirmed his belief that he can come over and ask for an Irish passport and citizenship.'

British MP thinks everyone in England is entitled to an Irish passport |
That is genuinely quite funny. But it explains a part of our political classes-divorced from reality. Perhaps it is time to disband Parliament and go to online voting
In other news scientists are now convinced that they know where bears go to defecate and across the globe catholics are astonished to discover that the Pope shares their faith.
If only a trade specialist could examine the document...

They didn't consider the impact on British value chains or the immediate compliance costs to business. Cool. In other news, my analysis of relocating Australia to Saturn also finds the move would have negligible GDP impact when applying those caveats.

He does say that they've had a fair bash at modelling the impossible mind.

Another cunning French plot.
Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am....
As if I would tell you... Let's put it like this, what you read in the press and the reality on the ground are two entirely different things.

What about the testimonies to the Select Committee of the House of Commons?

I take it you have been listening?

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