Brexit Phase Two - Trade

The EU has said Canada Plus is acceptable to them.

The only way May hasn't got that agreed is sheer bloody obstinacy on her part.

She is now going to go into the history books as the most disastrous Tory leader for a century. Well done PMTM....

I live in Wales, of course, I have benefitted? I voted to stay on that grounds, Westminster shafts us at every turn. Will my business suffer if we go into recession, absolutely not.

I agree TM is probably will go down as the worst PM in history if she continues to kack this up. Even worse than Blair and Thatcher. You have no idea how painful it is for me to say that.
Just a reminder for the remain voters, High Lord, Sir Nigel of Brexit on LBC for the next hour.:cool:

you get an extra 13p per person.

From you link.

"In the face of these punishing settlements from Tory Ministers, Welsh Labour have committed to invest in the future, with an additional £500 million for health and social care, £60 million for local Council road refurbishment schemes and £31.5 million for next generation broadband.
"This is in stark contrast to the picture in Tory-run England where councils like Northamptonshire are facing effective bankruptcy due to cuts.
so it would appear you're not doing too badly.

the WHOLE country has been affected by austerity. The Tories are putting right what Labour doubled up the wall.
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