Brexit Phase Two - Trade

Just a reminder for the remain voters, High Lord, Sir Nigel of Brexit on LBC for the next hour.:cool:

you get an extra 13p per person.

From you link.

"In the face of these punishing settlements from Tory Ministers, Welsh Labour have committed to invest in the future, with an additional £500 million for health and social care, £60 million for local Council road refurbishment schemes and £31.5 million for next generation broadband.
"This is in stark contrast to the picture in Tory-run England where councils like Northamptonshire are facing effective bankruptcy due to cuts.
so it would appear you're not doing too badly.

the WHOLE country has been affected by austerity. The Tories are putting right what Labour doubled up the wall.
It would seem that English exceptionalism, having led to a vote to leave the EU (which or may not happen) is now seeking to withdraw from the United Kingdom.

Will the last fantasist please turn out the lights, just to reduce the leccy bill.
I suppose your suddenly an expert in Tidal Lagoons? Do you have many sheds? I bet you have more than 2.
Not at all. But the lagoon is essentially a pfi scheme.

Private investment, mainly, builds the thing and then charged the nation, is you and me, a set price to recoup that investment. The government have decided it's too expensive. Bearing in mind we'd be paying it of for 90 years... Or more of it's 120 year life cycle. They reckon the last 30 years would be free power. But the first few years will make your eyes water.

I'm not really sure what the benefit to Wales would be, bar five artificial lagoons.

Instead they're looking at putting a nuke in Anglesey.

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