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I would think someone who has worked all their working life, who have paid their taxes and national insurance, that they are - funnily enough - entitled to their state pension and NHS services.
It's the Remainers who have the feelings of entitlement.
"Boo hoo, who is going to serve me my coffee and pret?"
Get a grip.
If any remainer on here can just forward me the form that I need to fill in to claim back the circa £105,000 alone in NI contributions I made over 41 years I would be obliged.
(I am not even going to mention income tax)
Clearly I would settle for that as a lump sum and forego the £476 a month State Pension before tax.
Personally speaking I feel confident that the said re-imbursed lump sum would give me a better lifestyle for those 18 years I would live after State Pension age, taking me up to the grand old age of 84.
And obviously I would then feel fully recompensed and less entitled than Holly and others, whose futures have been stolen from them.
What is the DWP form number that I need to complete for that refund, anyone know?
All my savings are in ISAs and not paying tax in the UK (nor in Belgium actually, due to the scheme I'm on to encourage overseas scientists to come here). So nope, you get nothing from me (actually I still pull out as I have lifetime ISAs ;) )
This temerity of yours knows no bound does it. You tax avoid, then you spout

[/Quote]As for your other points, if it's not sustainable, do you still believe bankrupting the country just so you can continue as we were? After all the biggest draw on our taxes are the elderly - they're the biggest users of the NHS, and the pension is the majority of the welfare budget.[/quote]



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Hey you are back - I thought you ran away after you got pulled apart on another thread for justifying attacks on Israel.

You disgusting anti-semite.
Just another English man with an Irish passport. The ERG chap on the radio the other night must have thought , ‘if he’s got one then the paddies will give them to anyone’
Bishrub, swap that round.
Very good, but the article only says UK boats may not be able to land fish in EU ports. The reverse also applies.

It's a bit like a story in the Times today talking about how Falkland Islanders are 'in fear' of not selling their calamari to the EU - 20% of the EU's consumption - compared with stories about no more bacon sarnies in the UK after brexit. In trade there has to be a buyer and a seller.
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Generally the old people on this thread don't like to hear that they are a burden.
I can assure you that being a burden worries me not one jot and won't keep me awake at nights. To think I am a burden to you only increases my pleasure!
Interestin column in The Times by the Deputy political Editor:

Civil war that sparked Dominic Raab’s last-ditch mission to kill deal

Stand out paragrahs for me:

In truth Mr Raab flew into Brussels to stop a plan by EU negotiators slipping into a “technical agreement” with the assent of the British negotiating team, and hence the final deal. He and his fellow cabinet colleagues felt it conceded too much ground to the EU, would be politically unsellable in the Commons and imperilled the union. Put another way, Mr Raab hit the stop button because different bits of the British government still cannot agree over what to do next.

Cabinet ministers believe Mr Robbins and his negotiating team were indicating last week Britain could sign up to a complex fudge in its place. The EU would promise that it would sign up to an all-UK customs zone after next March, whilst writing into law a backstop based on a Northern Ireland-only plan now. Dubbed the “backstop to the backstop”, it caused horror among unionist MPs and the DUP, even as Mr Robbins appeared to be contemplating it last week in Brussels.
There's quite a bit more to the article - not least of which is TM's disfunctional leadership, but it is good to see Oily Robbins getting a wake-up call during his Brussels love-in.
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