Brexit Phase Two - Trade

Personally I'm all for reducing immigration as long as we reduce the current state pension, and privatize the NHS.
I'm sure there's other options, AL, such as controlling immigration to exclude the ones we don't actually need.

Then there's also increasing productivity per person by encouraging business to invest in research and tech (and they will when the glut of cheap EU labour dries up). In this way, there's more real wealth - per person - than swamping the UK at a rate of a million extra migrants, every few years, and the negative social costs that come with that.
Blowing each other to smithereens is really stupid, yet the threat of mutually doing just that was enough to maintain peace in Europe. Sometimes the threat of something has far more utility that actually doing it.

You don't want to actually do it then?


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It does and it makes hundreds of millions more as a result.
How much of those millions do you expect the UK to lose and what is the final sum when the club fees stop? You know, lost trade but no fees equals?
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