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Then hopefully at a much reduced rate. I've no problem with paying for services. Building works in Lithuania, yes, services, nope.

These things tend to cost more when you're not a member.

You also have to accept the rules imposed without having a shout on what they are.

Not a smart move, in my opinion.


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Why do you think WTO rules are better than the very special deal we already have with the EU. The WTO is for late starters like Mauritania.
What "special deal"? It costs us hundreds of £million a year just to belong.
Generally the old people on this thread don't like to hear that they are a burden.
Some of us aren't. I hope you're still paying into my booze fund though, every little helps.
Some of us aren't. I hope you're still paying into my booze fund though, every little helps.
All my savings are in ISAs and not paying tax in the UK (nor in Belgium actually, due to the scheme I'm on to encourage overseas scientists to come here). So nope, you get nothing from me (actually I still pull out as I have lifetime ISAs ;) )
I would think someone who has worked all their working life, who have paid their taxes and national insurance, that they are - funnily enough - entitled to their state pension and NHS services.

It's the Remainers who have the feelings of entitlement.

"Boo hoo, who is going to serve me my coffee and pret?"

Get a grip.

Pret? Behave, that's like playing Russian Roulette.

As for your other points, if it's not sustainable, do you still believe bankrupting the country just so you can continue as we were? After all the biggest draw on our taxes are the elderly - they're the biggest users of the NHS, and the pension is the majority of the welfare budget.

Personally I'm all for reducing immigration as long as we reduce the current state pension, and privatize the NHS.
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